10 Best Boots for Garbage Man | Reviews for 2021

When working as a garbage man, you always have to wear the right protective gear. Work boots are one of them. So, to choose a good pair of shoes, you need to know the nature of this job. With sharp objects, poisons, leaking fluids, and many dangerous things are in the garbage. You don’t want any of these seepings onto your feet.

Therefore, you need to use the best safety shoes for this hefty job. Perhaps you want to work as a garbage collector but don’t know about the job details. Then you can check the FAQ section of this article to see what a garbage man does.

In the market, there are hundreds of boots for garbage man. They all look the same from a casual glance. However, when you start looking at each one closely, you start noticing some outstanding differences.

Here, we shall review the top 10 best boots for garbage collectors that will help you to find the ideal pair for your job. Keep reading to see their features, pros, and cons.

Editors Top Picks & Comparison






Best Overall

Muck Men’s Chore Resistant Tall Work Boot

Vibram rubber outsole, shaft height 15", soft toe protection & airmesh lining.


Runners Up

Bogs Men’s Forge Steel Toe Waterproof Rubber Work Rain Boots

Rubber outsole, shaft height 14.25" & neo-tech insulation.


Also Good

NAT’S 1530 Winter Hunting Boots

Rubber sole, shaft height 17", removable liner & 200g insulation.


Budget Friendly

Servus Comfort Technology 14″ PVC Steel Toe Men’s Work Boots

Steel toe cap, PVC fabric, synthetic sole & removeable insole.


Top 10 Best Boots for Garbage Man Reviews

According to an article in the safety and health magazine, the garbage collector’s job is very dangerous. You need all the protection that you can get for your feet and your hands. Here, we shall look at the most protective boots for your feet.

1. Muck Men’s Chore Resistant Tall Work Boot

These Muck boots are perfect for garbage collectors, and other hefty jobs. They will keep your feet safe from various dangerous things that come with garbage. By design, these boots will get slightly above your calf. These muck boots are unisex. So if you are looking for the best garbage collector’s boots for women, you just need to order the perfect size.

The upper and sole of these boots are made of synthetic materials. These sealed boots have steel shanks that prevent the sole from cracking. Muck chore resistant boots are not fully breathable. Because of the 15 inches wide opening diameter. They come true to size, so you need not a lot of time to break them in.

They are pretty comfortable, especially if you wear them with high socks. These Muck boots have some admirable safety features, such as the anti-slip V-Wave outsole that offers good traction on different terrains.

Another good thing about these work boots is that they give you overall protection for your lower limbs. This means that you are covered from your toes to your ankles. Farmers also use these muck boots for daily farm work. If you want a pair of boots that can handle garbage collection hazards and last a long time, you might want to try these.

  • They will keep your feet warm and dry in the snow with wool socks
  • Good for mucky jobs that involve liquids flowing
  • No prolonged break-in period since they come true to size
  • Good boots for those who handle chemicals
  • 15-inch calf opening might pinch people with thick calves

2. Bogs Men’s Forge Steel Toe Waterproof Rubber Work Rain Boots

Bogs Men’s Forge Steel Toe Waterproof Boot approved for the oil field. So, we figure it out this is ideal for any other hard job. These boots are protected your feet when immersed in the garbage. These calf-length boots shaft measure is 14.25 inches from the arch.

These waterproof boots come with neoprene and rubber, rubber taking the bigger part at 70%. Neoprene is one of the most used materials for making shoes. This material can resist water, provide excellent flexibility, good chemical stability, and able to resist degradation from all-weather conditions.

On the other hand, Bogs Men’s Forge anti-slip outsole is made of 100% rubber. With this Anti-slip outsole, you are always safe when working on slippery and wet surfaces. The inner stretch booties and large calf opening of the boot offer you excellent breathability that will help you to keep your feet dry and odor-free.

When it comes to comfort, these boots are roomy enough in the steel toe area. As a result, you can get enough wiggle room in the toe area and at the same time as a steel toe boot, it can protect your feet against hard things. The Neo-tech insulation is perfect for the winter season that keeps your feet dry, warm, and comfortable.

The Bogs Men’s garbage man boots have excellent safety features. So you can go with these boots for this particular job without any hesitation.

  • These boots are 100 percent waterproof
  • Comfortable interior with nice lining
  • The boots are anti-slip on all types of spills
  • Thermal lining keeps you warm in winter
  • Although it is worth it, the price is a bit steep

3. NAT’S 1530 Winter Hunting Boots

Because of the unbeaten nature of deer, elk and bear hunting grounds, you would need a safe pair of boots. The same applies to garbage collection boots because you really don’t know what your feet are stepping on. NAT’S 1530 winter hunting boots seem to do the trick very well.

Garbage collection work goes on even during winter! Therefore, you need a pair of boots such as the NAT’S winter garbage boots that can keep your feet safe, warm, dry and protected in winter. By design, these boots are waterproof so there will be no liquid seeping onto your feet from the garbage.

Because of the use of EVA material in their construction, these boots are indeed light in weight. They are perfect for people that work long hours on their feet. I think we can safely assume that these are some of the most comfortable garbage collection boots in the market.

First, they come in a wide width, which means that your feet get enough room. They have a removable liner that wicks the sweat away from your feet. You can remove this liner and clean it. This kind of insulation is hard to find in men’s garbage boots, but the NAT’S have it.

First, when collecting garbage in winter, the weather can be brutal. You will appreciate the insulation that can protect you even in -94°F weather. Secondly, the outsole offers good grip and traction when you are walking in snow, mud or muck. Thirdly, the ethylene-vinyl acetate material keeps moisture out of your feet all the time. Fourthly, one of the most convenient things about these boots is the removable and washable lining.

These garbage collectors boots will meet your needs during the tough winters. They will keep your feet protected even when trudging on inches-thick snow.

  • These boots are waterproof and snow proof
  • They are wide and have a comfortable interior
  • Lining that wicks away sweat to keep your feet cool and odorless
  • Lightweight thanks to the use of EVA material
  • They will feel toasty-warm in summer

4. Servus Comfort Technology 14″ PVC Steel Toe Men’s Work Boots

When it comes to the best garbage collection boots, what can be better than a pair that is highly rated for trudging through chemicals and other dangerous waste? You will get this kind of protection from Servus Comfort Technology Men’s Work Boots. But first, the features-

These boots have a unique design that makes them look quite stylish. They slope nicely towards the back. Both the sole and the upper of the boots are made with PVC material. Where other boots would face some serious degradation when used for long in chemicals, these ones do not.

Since the sole and the upper are welded together seamlessly, short of a cut, there is no way that these boots will ever allow liquids to get in. These boots are good for people who spend many of their working hours on their feet. Therefore, your comfort is assured. For instance, the insole has a contoured design that “massages” your feet.

You get ample support in the heel and ball of foot area. You can wear these boots for hours on end without stressing your feet. Like many waterproof PVC boots, there is not much breathability. The most important thing is to keep liquids out.

When it comes to safety, this boot wins! First, there is the steel toe that is going to protect you from falling objects. So, when you hit your feet against things, it is going to keep you safe. The outsole is thick and it has a high heel. It also has proper lugs that keep you stable in mud, muck or in garbage.

The stress points of these boots come with extra reinforcement. They will not start cracking at the points where your feet bend as you walk. Excellent injection molded construction, deep cleats for traction and steel toe make these the best boots for garbage collection.

  • Good for wading in mud, muck and animal waste
  • Keeps your toes protected with steel toe
  • They are flexible and soft so you are able to walk faster
  • Light in weight at 0.8 pounds only
  • They do not run true to size – they are bigger

5. Servus Comfort Technology Soft Toe Boots

Servus makes some good boots. In their line up of muck boots that can also double as garbage boots, they have both steel and soft toe varieties. They have something for everyone. In the preceding review, we looked at their steel toe boot. In this one, we look at their soft toe model.

The reason why this boot is referred to as comfort technology is the flexible PVC material that the manufacturer uses in its construction. This is super flexible material meaning that even when the boots are new, you will walk naturally. By design, the boots are made using the injection-molded technology. There are no seams at all. Unless you cut the boots or the soles crack, they will never let in water.

The contoured insole gives your feet a lot of comfort even when you wear them for long hours. You can also use a removable insert without trouble. The boots have a lot of room such that they seem to run a little bigger. Therefore, you might have to get an insert.

Primarily, Servus designs these boots to keep you warm and dry. The PVC material used is not so breathable. But then, you cannot have everything in a boot, so you miss out on the breathability.

While these boots do not have a steel toe, still, the toe area is reinforced in design. Your toes get extra protection when you are at work. The clear winner here is the slip-resistant outsole that keeps you stable on your feet all along. That alone makes these the best work boots for garbage man job.

For convenient features, perhaps we can mention that Servus offers a height guide so that you can choose the most appropriate length. You will not be disappointed with the steel toe boots from Servus and you will not be disappointed with these ones either.

  • They feature superb PVC construction
  • Rated safe against electrical hazard
  • Deeply cleated sole gives you good traction on all surfaces
  • Withstands long use in harsh liquids and chemicals
  • Does not come true to size – it runs bigger

6. Tingley 31251.07 Pilot Cleated Steel Toe Knee Boot

This also makes it to the list of the best work boots for garbage men. It is simple to see why. The manufacturer – Trumbull Industries has used high quality PVC material that remains flexible and soft in all types of weather.

By design, these are knee length boots. They keep your lower leg protected against snow, water, mud and muck. You will notice the added reinforcement on the flexible areas of the boot. The material used to make these boots is PVC. It is super flexible and does not stiffen up even during the winter. If you are looking for men’s garbage boots for all seasons, you might want to try these ones.

Even the sole is made of PVC material. The injection-molded technology gives us a single compact unit without seams. The interior of these boots is wide enough to accommodate your feet and leave them some breathing space. OK, so they do run a little large, but when you wear a pair of thick socks, you won’t know it.

To keep your feet dry, these boots are 100 percent waterproof. About breathability, you will not get that from these since they are made for wading in muck, garbage and other nasty places. The first and most obvious safety feature is the steel toe. It protects your toes from injury if you hit them against something.

The thick sole is deeply cleated and slip-resistant. It is thick enough not to allow things that pierce it to get to your feet. This is a lowly priced pair of boots. However, even at the low price, the manufacturer has not compromised on the safety features.

  • The outsole is tough and durable
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Interior is lined with fabric for comfort
  • Good for walking through mud, muck, liquid waste and garbage
  • Not many color options

7. CLC Custom Leathercraft Rain Wear R23008 Men’s Rain Boot

This rainproof boot is built with Comfort Technology. This means that the boot is super flexible and soft through all seasons. It is a perfect shoes for farm and garbage work. As usual, this PVC boot comes in a stylish and seamless construction. It is one compact unit meaning that the sole and the upper are joined in one compact unit. The PVC material stays soft even in the snow, preventing stiffening up. If you wear thick socks in the winter, you can turn this into a boot for all seasons.

The best shoes for garbage man should keep your feet dry and odor-free all the time. This is what you get with these boots. You see, they have a removable, washable insole. That way, bacteria cannot accumulate in your boots.

These boots has a thin fabric lining on the interior. While it does not exactly enhance breathability, it increases your comfort. It is important that you wear these boots with socks. You also get proper ball of foot area and heel support from the insole.

These boots come with a thick sole that will keep your feet safe from things that might pierce it. On the same note, the sole is slip-resistant and offers good traction on different grounds. These are soft toe boots so they are lighter than steel toe ones. You miss the serious protection that steel-toed boots give.

These are simple, plain boots without too many bells and whistles. They will keep your feet safe in your garbage collection job.

  • Has nice heel cups that prevent your feet from slipping
  • Safe outsole that offers grip on all terrains
  • PVC boots are easy to clean and maintain
  • Top edge is scalloped to prevent rubbing against your feet
  • Seller claims made in America but they are made in China

8. Kamik Men’s Forester Snow Boot

Because this is a highly rated boot, it makes it to our list of the best boots for garbage man. It is also different from many others because where they are made of PVC, this one is rubber and nylon. Keep reading to see its features.

This boot is made of 95 percent rubber and 5 percent nylon. The sole is made of synthetic material. By design, this calf-length boot measures about 14 inches from the arch. The singular, compact design of these boots endears them to garbage collectors. The choice of the materials makes them durable while requiring minimal maintenance.

Even when you are collecting garbage in winter, these boots are going to keep you comfortable. They have a snow-proof rating of -40°C. You would have to wear them with thick winter socks. The collar of the boot is adjustable. Therefore, getting in and out of these boots is ever so easy. At the same time, to prevent debris from slipping inside, you can just tighten the collar.

For extra comfort, the interior of the boots is lined with a thin fabric. So, your skin is not in contact with the rubber material. Even without steel toe boots, these ones are still some of the best boots for garbage collector. They come with a soft but reinforced toe area that keeps you protected.

They have a thick outsole that is slip-resistant. They offer good traction whether you are working in animal waste, in the mud or in garbage. For convenient features, we might mention the 8mm removable thermal guard liner. So, your feet will stay warm, dry and safe through winter. At the same time, you can remove the thermal guard when you don’t need to use it.

This pair of boots comes with good features. The winning feature is the adjustable collar design.

  • These boots are 100 percent waterproof
  • The out sole comes in a non-marking design
  • The available liner ensures that you don’t need socks
  • So easy to pull them on and off
  • They run a little large with about half a size

9. CLC Custom Leathercraft Rain Wear Boots

By design, the CLC Leathercraft Boots are quite simplistic. They are also very effective for garbage jobs because they protect the feet fully. These are high boots, which the manufacturer says will reach above the socks.

They are made of rubber. They come in black upper and orange colored sole and toe. However, they are not steel-toed boots. Unless you are very tall, these boots will extend to somewhere above your calf area.

In the interior, these boots have a soft lining. Even though there are complaints that it peels away with time, it keeps your feet in a comfortable cocoon. Because the outside material of these boots is rubber, they are not too bad when it comes to breathability.

One of the safety features that we ought to mention here is that these boots are 100 percent waterproof. The toe area has some reinforcement to give you more protection. While this is not as effective as the steel toe boots, it still helps a little.

Another safety feature that we should mention here is that these boots come with is reasonable treads across the sole. You can trust them to keep you well grounded in muck, mud and garbage.

These boots are so affordable. They miss some features such as thick sole with deep lugs. Although they will serve you well, they might not last a long time.

  • The price is so affordable
  • All the maintenance that they need is a wipe down
  • They are 100 percent waterproof
  • They have a fabric lining for comfort
  • The out sole is thin

10. TINGLEY Rubber Blk Steel Toe Boots

Another TINGLEY pair of boots makes it to this list of best boots for debris removal. However, it is with a good reason, as you will see in the features section. The contours around the top of the boots and the flex areas make these boots look stylish and unique.

They do not only look good, but they also combine this with durable materials. For instance, the upper is made of rubber while the sole is made of snythetic material. Both the sole and the upper are abrasion-resistant, so with minimal maintenance, the boots look almost as good as new.

The one thing that cuts across all TINGLEY models is that they come with a roomy interior. You should order one size smaller than what you wear. They will also leave enough room for you to wear a thick pair of socks.

You will also appreciate the nicely designed footbed, even though it is not removable. In any case, with all that room, you can add a custom insole if you like. The interior of the boots has a thin fabric lining for comfort.

These are steel toe boots- no less! Therefore, whatever kind of muck you work in, your toes are always well protected. They have thick soles with deep cleats. You can stand on slippery garbage mess without slipping or losing your balance.

These TINGLEY rubber boots are considered good for a person who is looking for medium to heavy-duty rubber boots for garbage work. They also sell at a reasonable price.

  • No maintenance needed
  • Proper traction across all terrains
  • Nicely lined inside
  • Sold at a fair price
  • They run a little too big

How to Choose the Best Boots for Garbage Man

With so many garbage man work boots available in the market, it can be hard to choose one for the first time. This short buying guide will assist you:


In our reviews for the best shoes for garbage collectors, we did not review even a single leather boot. The reason for that is leather allows liquids to seep in, eventually. The best boots for trash collectors should be made of PVC, Neoprene, rubber or a mix of two or more such materials.


A pair of boots for garbage men should have a steel toe if possible. It should have an out sole with deep cleats or lugs for good traction on all terrains.

Slip Resistance

Garbage work is slippery work. Therefore, check to ensure that your boots for trash collectors have treads on the sole. This keeps you stable when you are walking on different terrains.

Comfort & Durability

Although most of the best boots for garbage jobs come in PVC or rubber materials, they are reinforced in areas that are likely to crack faster. That way, they can last a long time. For comfort, they have an interior fabric lining and some even have contoured footbeds.


The whole point of wearing garbage boots is to keep liquids out of your feet. Therefore, check for boots that are rated 100 percent waterproof.

High Shaft

Calf length is good. However, knee length is even better! You could also choose a boot with adjustable collar so that you clinch it tight at the top to keep debris out.

Shaft sizes for the best boots for garbage man start at 14 inches from the arch.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still need more clarification about this topic, then this section on the frequently asked questions is for you. Keep reading.

What is a garbage man called?

It depends on where you come from. In the US, he is called a garbageman or trashman. In the UK, he is called a bin man.

What happens with leather boots at a garbage dump?

Leather takes a long time to decompose, up to 40 years! In addition, tanned leather takes much longer to decompose. If leather shoes end up in a landfill, they can last up to 50 years before they decompose.

What are the working conditions of a garbage man?

Garbage collection work is done outdoors. As a result, the garbage man is constantly exposed to sunshine, rain, snow, wind, and other conditions. Since garbage collection goes on even in winter. He or she is exposed all the time, hence the need for proper gear and the best boots for garbage man.

Why is it important to use safety shoes for a garbage collector?

When collecting garbage, it is possible to come across sharp objects. Some types of trash form toxic liquids, which could seep through your shoes to your feet. So, you need PVC or rubber boots since they cannot allow liquids to get in.

Is garbage collector a dangerous job?

The trashman job has been rated as one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the USA. In the line of duty, garbage collectors expose themselves to risks of fire, piercing by sharp things, poisoning and so on. Even the constant exposure to extreme weather conditions poses a lot of danger.

Is it hard to become a garbage man?

The main requirements for becoming a garbage man include having a high school diploma. A driving license without any DUI (driving under influence) or accident cases is a requirement. Sometimes, a public or private employer might ask for experience but they do not require it to be more than 2 years.


After reading this write-up, choosing the best boots for garbage man jobs need not be hard at all. For good measure, we would recommend the Muck Boot Men’s Chore Resistant Tall Work Boot.

Having a steel toe for extra protection is always a good thing. The build quality of this pair of boots is pretty awesome and we feel that the features do the price justice.

However, all the best garbage man boots that we have reviewed here will give you value for money. We have brought you a mix of highly and lowly priced garbage boots so that you can choose what suits your budget.

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