10 Best Goggles For Burning Man In 2021

Are you planning for your next trip to the desert for the burning man event? Then, what you need is the best goggles for burning man. Goggles for burning man are not only designed to complement your event costume. Whilst stylish on their own, they help to provide eye protection as well.

Typically, the event is held in the desert area, thus, you are more likely to experience dust storms, dirt, and bright sunlight during the day. Therefore, whilst still allowing you to remain fashionable, goggles for burning man protect you against these elements. Check out our review of the top best burning man goggles below to find the ultimate choice.

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Editors Top Picks & Comparison






Best Overall

Umbrellalaboratory Steampunk Victorian Style Goggles

PVC frame and attractive azure blue lens


Runners Up

Lelinta Kaleidoscope Rave Rainbow Crystal Lenses Steampunk Goggles

Copper frame & Genuine glass lens


Also Good

CRG Sports Vintage Aviator Pilot Style Goggles

ABS frame and PC transparent lens


Budget Friendly

ArcOne G-FLY-B1202 The Fly Safety Goggles

Plastic frame & Revo lens with soft lining


Review of 10 Best Goggles For Burning Man

1. Umbrellalaboratory Steampunk Victorian Style Goggles

Umbrellalaboratory Features

  • Victorian and welder-style
  • Double magnifying glass loupes
  • Glow in the dark design
  • PVC construction

With the Umbrellalaboratory Steampunk Victorian Style Goggles, you will not only make a fashion statement but, also enjoy long lasting durability. The welder style Victorian goggles are designed with shiny metallic details and UV activated glow-in-the-dark lenses that allow them to stand out during the night time. Their eye-catching azure blue lenses and shiny bronze rose design on the other end add more style. For extra vintage features, the burning man goggles are fitted with dual ocular loupes.

Their sturdy PVC frame construction gives them a long lasting finish whilst allowing them to sit comfortably on your skin – without piercing your skin. Their adjustable strap on the other end allows you to achieve a snag-free and personalized fit. To give you a wide selection of options to choose from, the goggles come in a choice of up to 18 different colors and patterns.

  • Available in 18 color options
  • The PVC construction enhances the durability
  • The attractive azure lens design
  • Adjustable straps for a customized fit
  • Fits men, women, and teen children
  • The ocular magnifiers loosen over time

2. Lelinta Kaleidoscope Rave Rainbow Crystal Lenses Steampunk Goggles

Lelinta Kaleidoscope Features

  • Copper frame
  • Genuine glass kaleidoscopic lenses
  • Rainbow infused lens design
  • Adjustable straps

Whether you are at a firework show, LED gloving, or orbit light show, the Lelinta Kaleidoscope Rave Rainbow Crystal Lenses Steampunk Goggles complement any outfit. These burning goggles fit most adults and teen children thanks to their adjustable strap. The adjustable strap boasts an elastic band that comfortably fits most head sizes. Beyond their comfortable and personalized fit, the goggles provide a unique lens design and experience.

The removable optic lenses are designed with a prism style that uses multi-faceted crystal lens layers to magnify one’s view into multiple images. This bug-eye image experience creates a mind-blowing picturesque scenery with bright imaginations to stimulate the body and mind. Furthermore, their colorful rainbow infused lenses deliver an exciting polychromatic view.

  • Strap made of an elastic band to fit different head sizes
  • Lenses are made from real crystals
  • The kaleidoscope lens design provides a unique viewing experience
  • Versatile design for use in different activities and events
  • Available in a choice of up to 22 colors
  • The kaleidoscope effect is somewhat dull

3. CRG Sports Vintage Aviator Pilot Style Goggles

CRG Vintage Aviator Features

  • ABS raw frame
  • Sponge padding
  • Transparent color lenses
  • Scratch-resistant coating

Integrating a scratch-resistant lens coating, the CRG Sports Vintage Aviator Pilot Style Goggles are guaranteed to last longer whilst offering adequate protection from outdoor elements. Their ABS raw frame construction on the other end gives the lens a crack-and-break-free performance. The PC transparent lenses allow clear viewing whilst the 100% UV treatment protects the eyes against UVA and UVB rays.

To provide ample cushioning and to prevent the goggles from digging deep into your skin, they are fitted with a soft sponge padding. The sponge padding helps to wick sweat and moisture as well. Additionally, the goggles feature a special one size fits all design. On the exterior, the goggles feature metallic copper details around the lenses which match the light brown elastic straps for a distinctive and classic look.

  • Superior aviation-style design
  • One size fits all
  • 100% UV treated lenses to protect you against UV rays
  • Soft sponge padding for increased cushioning
  • A choice of 44 designs and colors to choose from
  • They don’t seal the eye area as typical aviation goggles would

4. ArcOne G-FLY-B1202 The Fly Safety Goggles

Arcone G-FLY-B1202 Features

  • Side vents
  • Soft foam lining
  • Plastic frame
  • Yellow/orange Revo lens finish

Wearing the ArcOne G-Fly B1202 The Fly Safety Goggles allows you to go for long without feeling any discomfort. The burning man goggles are molded with air vents which allow adequate air circulation for fog-free performance. The glossy black frame on the other end gives the goggles a neat look whilst the elastic bands offer a one size fits all design.

On the surface of the lenses, you will find a stylish yellow/orange Revo finish that accentuates their look. Additionally, the lenses feature a highly flexible finish which leaves you comfortable all day long. A soft foam lining also complements the comfortable design for a snug fit with added cushioning.

  • Flexile plastic lens for added comfort
  • Moisture-wicking soft foam padding
  • Soft foam padding for a snug fit
  • Lightweight construction
  • Side vents for breathability and fog proof finish
  • Soft foam padding on the nose area is not as thick enough

5. Dodoing Kaleidoscope Rave Goggles Steampunk Glasses

Dodoing Rave Features

  • Adjustable elasticized headband
  • Rainbow crystal glass lens
  • ABS frame
  • Changeable lens color

The Dodoing Kaleidoscope Rave Goggles Steampunk Glasses feature a handcrafted design for increased style and durability. These top rated goggles for burning man are carefully designed and hand polished then, fitted with multicolored crystals for an articulately neat and organized finish. The lenses feature a genuine high grade optical glass material construction that accommodates optimum light transmission.

The lens prism style build offers a bug-eye mechanism that magnifies a single image into multiple images for a visually stimulating experience. Additionally, the rainbow infused glass lenses offer a blast of color for added visual art. Furthermore, the lenses allow you to easily remove them so you can customize them with the colors you want. In addition to customization, removing the lenses allows you to maintain hygiene as you can clean the goggles easily and with more precision.

  • The lens color changes at different angles
  • Glass lens for added durability
  • Easily adjustable elastic headband
  • The lens can easily be removed
  • Handcrafted design added precision
  • Not all the colors will be as bold through the lens

6. CRG Sports Vintage Aviator Pilot Style Cruiser Goggles

CRG Sports Vintage Features

  • Soft sponge padding
  • PC multi-color reflective lens
  • 10% UV protection
  • ABS raw frame

The CRG Sports Vintage Aviator Pilot Style Cruiser Goggles feature an ultra thick padding to make them one of the most comfortable goggles for burning man. The soft sponge padding offers adequate cushioning and prevents the frames from digging into your skin to cause fatigue or abrasions. Furthermore, the soft breathable sponge padding offers adequate breathability and moisture-wicking abilities to prevent sweat and moisture build up under the goggles.

The PC multi-colored lenses on the other end add extra style whilst the scratch-resistant finish enhances their durability. The lenses are also coated with 100% UV treatment for UVA and UVB protection. The ABS frame on the other end adds extra durability for a shatterproof performance. The elastic band delivers a one size fits all design to suit both adults and teen children.

  • Soft and thick sponge padding for added comfort
  • Breathable padding for sweat-wicking
  • Budget-friendly goggles
  • Scratch-resistant lenses for added durability
  • Fully sealed around the eyes
  • The padding is not as comfortable around the nose

7. GloFX Wormhole Kaleidoscope Goggles

GloFX Wormhole Features

  • Premium Polycarbonate frames
  • Wormhole kaleidoscope lenses
  • Glass rainbow crystals
  • Rainbow Spectrum technology

Constructed from premium quality and hard-coated polymer frames, the GloFX Wormhole Kaleidoscope Goggles offer an impact-resistant ad shatterproof performance whilst still maintaining a lightweight finish to prevent weighing you down. The glass lenses on the other end are treated to prevent scratches and to protect your eyes against UV rays. Integrating a Rainbow Spectrum Technology, the multifaceted rainbow infused crystal lenses create a wonderful image when you wear them.

Yet, the center of the lenses is clear to allow for increased viewing clarity. Fitted to the goggles are the toughened adjustable black elastic bands for a custom fit. To prevent the goggles from digging into the skin or fitting too tightly, the burning man goggles are fitted with comfortable rubber pads. To protect the goggles when they are not in use, they come with a free microfiber sleeve case that can double as a cleaning cloth.

  • Clear lenses center for viewing clarity
  • Kaleidoscope lenses design stimulate the peripheral vision
  • Adjustable elastic bands for a custom fit
  • Polycarbonate frames for impact resistance
  • Comfortable and cushion rubber pads
  • They fog up quite easy

8. GloFX Padded Kaleidoscope Goggles

GloFX Padded Features

  • Intense kaleidoscopic effect
  • High grade optical glass lens
  • Hand polished plastic frame
  • Adjustable elastic band

If you are looking for the ultimate goggles burning man option, the GloFX Padded Kaleidoscope Goggles are what you need. The kaleidoscope goggles feature a desert burn-proof design which enhances their protective function. With a fully sealed fit on your face, the goggles offer protects the eyes against dust and dirt you will typically encounter out in the desert during the burning man event.

The high quality chrome plastic frames on the other end offer a shatter-free performance. Underneath the frame, thick skin-hugging rubber pads provide the much-needed cushioning to prevent fatigue. Yet, the pads are breathable enough for adequate moisture-wicking and air circulation to leave the skin area around the eyes dry. The lenses on the other end are fitted with a kaleidoscopic prism which delivers a unique and stimulating sight full of color for the ultimate light viewing experience.

  • Dust-and-dirt proof construction
  • Adjustable elastic band for proper fit
  • Impact-resistant chrome plastic frames
  • Comfortable rubber pads
  • The unique kaleidoscopic lens design
  • Not as clear to walk around in for long

9. Elope Radioactive Steampunk Aviator Goggles

Elope Radioactive Features

  • Acrylic lens
  • PC frame
  • Elastic band
  • Slide size adjuster

An elastic band with a sliding size adjuster allows the elope Radioactive Steampunk Aviator Goggles to fit most teen and adult head sizes. In fact, the goggles are safety tested for teens aged 14 years. The acrylic lens design on the other end provides a durable finish without the risks of shattering. Furthermore, the use of acrylic helps to significantly reduce the weight of goggles whilst still offering superior resistance to breakage that may be caused by shock and impact.

Additionally, the acrylic lens design offers superior light transmission which accentuates optical clarity whilst still enjoying the intricate lens design. The aviator style goggles for burning man are also fitted with cushioned pads to protect the face. To help keep the goggles clean at all times, you will also receive a free soft cloth.

  • Safety tested for teens from age 14 and above
  • Comes with a clean soft cloth
  • Acrylic lens for reduced weight
  • Easy to adjust elastic strap
  • Cushioned pads to protect the face
  • Not the best in ultra low light conditions

10. KOLCY Spiked Steampunk Goggles

KOLCY Spiked Features

  • Double ocular loupes
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • ABS frame
  • The barbed wire lens cover

Designed with dual ocular loupes, the KOLCY Spiked Steampunk Goggles features a gothic and punk classic look. The ocular loupe details make them suitable for both day and nighttime wear. This distinctive look gives the goggles enhanced versatility; allowing you to pair them with your costume however you want. You can wear them traditionally over your eyes, on your head, around the neck, or even fit them on the brim of your hat.

Furthermore, the vintage Victorian goggles are designed with distinctive metallic details around the frame with bright colors. Yet, their frame is made from high quality ABS material which offers improved impact resistance without being too heavy. The PC lenses on the other end are lighter than regular plastic whilst offering superior impact resistance and shatterproof performance. Additionally, the lenses are UV treated to further protect the eyes.

  • Lighter and non-image distorting lenses design
  • Can be worn in different styles
  • ABS frame for impact resistance
  • Decorative screws on frame sides
  • Elastic band for perfect fitting
  • Not padded

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Goggles For Burning Man?

When looking for good quality goggles for burning man, you want to focus your attention on the key features. Whilst the décor and construction are important, there’s more to scrutinize than to generally just look at these two elements. In this buying guide, we break down the important features to examine so you can ensure you find the right eyewear for your needs.

Choose the Best Lens

Generally, the best type of goggles for burning man is built with a choice of three lenses, i.e., glass, polycarbonate, or acrylic. Either lens type is packed with advantages. For example, glass lenses are naturally scratch resistant compared to plastic. Additionally, over time, their clarity increases whilst also promoting better light distribution.

Whilst glass lenses deliver long lasting durability, they still require very little maintenance. Polycarbonate and acrylic lenses on the other end are less heavy yet, strong enough. They deliver impressive impact resistance and shatterproof performance. However, to guarantee a scratch-free surface, they need to be treated with a special coating.

Although some goggles come with décor on the frames, burning man glasses stand out due to the décor on the lenses. You can find those designed with a kaleidoscope effect prism for a visual and mind stimulating experience. Alternatively, you can find those designed with colorful lenses.


If you want to experience the ultimate mind and vision stimulating effect, you want to go opt for burning man glasses that feature a kaleidoscope style prism technology. The kaleidoscope lenses magnify a single object being viewed into a multi-faceted and colorful mage for an artistic and pleasant picture. You will be able to experience different bursts of colors based on the lens style and décor you choose.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is extremely important when choosing a pair of goggles for the burning man event. Remember, you will be in a desert environment with frequent dust storms and dirt. Therefore, you want your goggles to keep these elements out of your eyes. Ideally, you want to choose aviation-style goggles. This is because these goggles offer a skin-hugging design that fully seals the eyes thus, preventing any exterior elements from penetrating.

Additionally, you want the goggles to be comfortable to wear for long and not to dig into your skin. Thus, you want to opt for goggles that are fitted with soft sponge padding. The right padding design doesn’t only cushion the area around the frame but, provides a moisture-wicking function and enhanced breathability too.

UV Protection

In addition to the eye protection offered, you also want to protect your eyesight from UV rays as you are certainly going to be exposed to bright and sunny outdoors. Naturally, you want to opt for goggles fitted with 100% UV treated lenses. Additionally, you can opt for goggles with a removable lens design.

This mechanism doesn’t only allow you to customize the lens décor but, also allows you to adapt to the environment. During the day, when the sun is bright, you can put on UV treated lenses that are tinted. At night, you can switch the lenses with much clearer ones so you can be able to see in the dark.


Good quality burning man goggles are designed with either ABS, PVC, or polycarbonate frames. Whilst these frames are highly rugged, they are still quite light. In some cases, however, you may find goggles made from metallic frames. Similar to the lenses, some goggles are intricately designed around the frames to give them style – it all depends on what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Decorate Goggles for Burning Man?

There are plenty of ways you can decorate your goggles for burning man. Generally, to DIY decorate your goggles, you should only do so around the frames and may be, add separately bought ocular loupes. You can find a wide selection of decorating accessories online.

How to Select the Best Goggles for Burning Man?

When selecting the right goggles for burning man, you want to focus on the construction – ask yourself, do these goggles offer adequate eye protection in the desert? In addition to their construction, you also want to ensure they are decorative to complement your outfit.

Do You Need Goggles at Burning Man?

Yes, you certainly need goggles at the burning man to protect your eyesight. The venue is normally swarmed with frequent dust storms, bright sunlight, and other outdoor elements you want to protect yourself from.

Can I Swim with My Goggles?

Not really. Goggles for burning man are not designed to cater to your eye needs in the water. This is because they don’t fully seal the area around your eyes as swimming goggles do. Additionally, their decorative elements may pose hazardous risks in the water.

Can I Adjust the Frame of the Goggles?

No, you cannot adjust the frame of your goggles. Instead, you can find some goggle designs that allow you to adjust the goggle strap with a slide adjuster to provide a better fit around your head.


With goggles for burning man, you will not only complement your event outfit with a stylish eyepiece. These goggles are also designed to provide adequate eye protection in the dessert. However, the best part about these fun eyewear pieces is that you get to choose the style you want – or better yet, decorate them yourself. So, take a pick of your favorite option from the 10 choices listed above for that stylish look during the next burning man event – plus, each goggles option comes with a myriad of color and pattern choices to select!

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