Top 10 Best Goggles for Night Skiing – Reviews 2021

If you are planning on going for a night skiing adventure – you want to invest in the ideal eye protection. With the best goggles for night skiing, you can hit the slopes with better eye protection without compromising your performance.

Night skiing goggles are ideally designed to cater to the typical darker conditions. Fitted with the right lenses, these goggles promote clear vision whilst protecting the eyes from elements such as snow and cold air. You can find a wide selection of night skiing goggles in the market, however, we’ve compiled our list of the top picks for this year to make your search a lot easier.

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Editors Top Picks & Comparison






Best Overall

Wildhorn Roca Snowboard & Ski Goggles

TPU polymer with anti-scratch lens


Runners Up

Juli Anti-fog Goggles for Night Skiing

TPU frame and PC lens


Also Good

Bolle Carve Snow Goggles for Night Skiing

Optical frame with carbo-glas lens


Budget Friendly

PHIBEE Unisex Snow Ski Goggles

TPU frame with spherical PC lens


Review of Top 10 Best Goggles for Night Skiing

1. Wildhorn Roca Snowboard & Ski Goggles

Wildhorn Roca Features

  • Aurora lens technology
  • Locking lens magnets
  • Wide view panoramic lens
  • Premium woven adjustable elastic strap

An official supplier of the US swim team, the Wildhorn Roca brands have rolled out these snowboard & ski goggles that offer excellent durability. The goggles boast six rare earth N45 magnets and an integrated clip locking system – making it easy to change your lenses in just 60 seconds. The integrated locking system features a side clip locking design that holds the lenses in place in the event of a crash.

The frameless design enhances the depth of the goggles – improving your field of vision. The lens feature proprietary Aurora technology with 100% UV protection – protecting your eyes against UV rays and glare. Furthermore, the wide view panoramic lens is treated with an anti-scratch and anti-fog elements to improve your vision, no matter the conditions you are in.

  • TPU frame with a soft touch anti-slip coating
  • Polycarbonate lens holds up in most extreme conditions
  • The quick changeable magnetic lens with integrated clip locking system
  • Available in adult and junior size
  • The strap begins to loosen up over time

2. Juli Anti-fog Goggles for Night Skiing

Juli Anti-fog Features

  • Detachable strap helmet compatibility
  • Over the glasses fit
  • Frameless design
  • Detachable lens system

If you are on a strict budget, the Juli Ski goggles are a perfect option. The night ski goggles boast a detachable lens system – allowing you to switch the lens colors and VLTs based on the weather conditions, time of the day, and personal preferences. In fact, the ski goggles come with a choice of up to 12 different lens colors to choose from. Featuring a frameless design, the ski goggles promote increased airflow inside the lens which doesn’t only offer adequate ventilation but reduces fog as well.

The large and spherical frameless lens design offers an unobstructed and clear view for better performance on the slopes. The ski goggles integrate a detachable and extra long strap to allow them to be compatible with any skiing or snowboarding helmet. Their bigger inner space on the other end allows even those who wear prescription glasses to wear the goggles over their optics without any problem.

  • The goggles allow quick lens changing
  • Promotes two-way ventilation and reduces fogging
  • Extra long strap makes it easy to fit the goggles under any helmet
  • Full REVO lens coating enhances viewing clarity
  • They can easily fog up

3. Bolle Carve Snow Goggles for Night Skiing

Bolle Carve Features

  • Flow Tech Venting
  • Over the helmet fit
  • Double layer face foam
  • Soft micro-fleece face layer

To improve riding comfort, the Bolle Carve Snow Goggles feature an over the helmet fit engineered to match current helmet designs for universal fitting. The medium fitting snow goggles integrate a double layer face foam backup to prevent the goggles from digging into the face. Its soft microfleece face foam covering offers a smooth and soft feel for long lasting comfort.

Furthermore, the skiing night goggles are fitted with a UV protected lens with a double layer design. The double layer lens design creates a thermal barrier for superior sealing whilst maintaining vision clarity with no risk of fogging up. The goggle’s proprietary Glow Tech Venting further complements the double layer thermal barrier for reduced fogging. The venting system does this by improving airflow inside the lenses. The increased airflow prevents clogging from snow and ice as well.

  • P80+ lens with anti-fog double layer design
  • Double layer face foam offers better sealing and comfort
  • The venting system increases airflow and prevents clogging from snow and ice
  • Fits both men and women
  • Some issues with fogging

4. PHIBEE Unisex Snow Ski Goggles

PHIBEE Unisex Features

  • Optically correct rimless lens
  • 3-layer Flow Tech venting foam
  • Full perimeter channel venting
  • 40mm wide adjustable strap

Built with three layers of Flow Tech soft foam, the PHIBEE Unisex Snow Ski goggles offer unmatched comfort. Additionally, the Flow Tech Layer foam promotes two-way airflow – improving interior ventilation whilst balancing interior and exterior lens surface temperature – to prevent fog build up. Furthermore, the Flow Tech venting system delivers its incredible airflow through the full perimeter channel minuscule venting holes at the top of the lens.

Their optically correct rimless lens design delivers an unrivaled field of view. To complement the Flow Tech venting system, the optically correct lens is coated with anti-fog elements as well. The goggles adjustable strap provides a custom fit for different head sizes whilst its universal compatibility allows it to fit different helmets and eyeglasses. To prevent serious damage during crashes on the slopes, the ski goggles integrate a flexible yet, shatterproof TPU frame.

  • Wide silicone backed strap for a secure fit
  • Frame notches at the temples offer compatibility with most eyewear
  • Cylindrical style design pulls the goggles closer to the face
  • The tiny venting holes offer superior ventilation
  • Viewing in the middle is slightly distorted

5. Bolle MOJO Shiny Snow Goggles

Bolle MOJO Features

  • Flow Tech venting
  • Single layer face foam
  • Double lens design
  • P80 anti-fog lens coating

Featuring a medium-to-large fit, the Bolle MOJO shiny snow Goggles give the wearer a throwback look whilst its wide angled flat lens improves vision. The unisex adult goggles are engineered with Flow Tech venting systems at each frame to enhance directional airflow in the interior surface of the lenses. This doesn’t only improve ventilation but also, reduces moisture build up for clear vision.

Their dual layer lens design on the other end creates a thermal barrier between the cold exterior and moisture-generating interior to further prevent condensation formation and fog build up. The lens is embedded with anti-fog P80+ elements which help to disperse water molecules on the lens surface. This design further prevents moisture build up for even better viewing. For long lasting comfort, the ski goggles are fitted with a single layer of face foam.

  • P80 and carbo GLAS lens for anti-fog and anti-scratch coating
  • The unique double lens layer build prevents condensation build up
  • Flow Tech venting prevents clogging from snow and ice
  • Classic medium to large fit for a throwback look
  • Doesn’t fit glasses underneath

6. Chalife Goggles for Night Skiing

Chalife Goggles Features

  • UV400 protection
  • Elastic strap with adjustable buckle
  • Drop and shatter-resistant PC lens
  • Flexible silicone frame

For the best value, the Chalife Ski Goggles come as a two-piece package – giving you the option for daytime and nighttime use. The skiing goggles for night time are fitted with high tensile and tough aeronautical PC lens to protect your eyes. On either side of the ski goggles, you will find air vents that promote interior airflow for increased viewing clarity.

Inside the frame, the ski goggles boast a thick foam that sticks to the face for a secure fit and prevents the goggles from digging deep into the skin. The flexible bendable frame and shatterproof glasses offer full 360-degree protection for your eyes against elements such as wind and dust. Additionally, the ski goggles are designed with an ultra long elastic strap with an adjustable buckle – allowing the goggles to fit all head sizes and faces – whether you are a woman, man, or youth.

  • Comes in a 2-piece pack
  • Built from high quality PC lens and silicone frame
  • Fits kids aged 10 to adults
  • UV400 coating protects against UVA, UVB, and VUC rays
  • They easily scratch

7. Hongdak Night Skiing Goggles

Hongdak Goggles Features

  • Detachable strap
  • OTG design
  • Bottom and top ventilation channels
  • Flexible TPU frame

Fitted with an A3 black frame and red lens, the Hongdak Ski goggles promote superior light transmission to improve your visual clarity in the dark. However, the goggles also allow you to change the lens should you want to. They are designed with magnetic elements and an integrated clip locking system for easy lens swapping. The flexible and indestructible TPU frame is fitted with three layers of high density soft face foam for all day comfort whilst allowing the goggles to securely cling to the skin.

The face foam is built from moisture-wicking material that doesn’t only give a goggle-to-face fit but, promotes adequate ventilation as well. The dual pane lens design on the other end is coated with anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV400 elements for unbeatable crystal clear viewing. To accommodate prescription glasses wearers, the goggles boast an OTG design with a spacious interior.

  • Moisture-wicking face foam for superior fit and ventilation
  • Interchangeable lens design with integrated clip locking mechanism
  • Offers interior space to accommodate the eyeglasses
  • Frameless lens area for wider viewing field
  • The lens filtration is a little too intense

8. Smith Optics Cascade Classic Goggles

Smith Cascade Features

  • ChromaPop lens options
  • Carbonic-x outer lens
  • Hydrophilic lens surface
  • Medium fit

The Smith Optics Cascade Classis Goggles are fitted with a patented carbonic X-outer lens that is individually molded for superior scratch-and-impact resistance. In fact, the lens is designed to meet class 1 optical standards. The lens is further embedded with a hydrophilic and micro-etched surface which absorbs moisture and disperses it across the wide lens surface – thus, preventing fogging.

The embedding design is impossible to rub or scratch off, unlike a traditional anti-fog coating. Furthermore, this hydrophilic surface prevents the lens from being too soiled – making it easy for smudges and fingerprints to be wiped clean from the surface. Yet, this is not all these goggles offer – integrating a ChromaPop lens design with up to 10 different colorful lens options, the skiing goggles cater to all environmental and weather conditions.

  • The cylindrical dual lens delivers a better fit and wider field of view
  • Easy-to-adjust single strap design
  • Hypoallergenic single layer face foam for added comfort
  • Compatible with all skiing helmets
  • The foam decays over time

9. POC Retina Clarity Goggles

POC Retina Clarity Features

  • Triple layer face foam
  • One size fits all design
  • Silicone grip strap
  • PC/CP lens

The POC Clarity goggles integrate an innovative lens design with advanced tints that enhance vision by increasing contrast and light transmission. Their unique spektric mirror coating complements the lens tints – allowing them to thrive in any weather or environmental conditions. Their double layer PC/CP lens construction integrates anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment for even better vision and resistance.

Additionally, the PC/CP lens are coated with UV400 elements for full protection against UV light and glare. Furthermore, their soft PU mid-size frame is fitted with a triple layer foam which offers optimal fit and comfort. Whilst the skiing goggles boasts a one size build, they are fitted with an adjustable strap to fit any head size. The strap is fitted with a silicone grip on the inside to ensure it stays in place even during the roughest rides.

  • Unique spektric mirror coating for crystal clear viewing
  • Triple layer face foam for optimal fit and comfort
  • Silicone grip at the back of the strap holds the goggles in place
  • Sharp visibility even when one moves from light to dark areas
  • The lens cannot be changed

10. Smith Optics Adult Cascade Classic Snow Goggles

Smith Cascade Adult Features

  • The cylindrical dual lens design
  • Single layer face foam
  • Silicone backed strap adjustment system
  • Helmet compatible

Integrating a traditional build, the Smith Optics Adult Cascade Classic Snow goggles offer maximum comfort whilst promoting crystal clear vision. The skiing goggles feature a dual thermal lens design that creates a barrier between the cold exterior surface and warm interior to prevent fog build up. The gold light lenses are particularly designed for low light skiing conditions.

To make it comfortable to ski for long periods, the ski goggles feature a compression-molded hypoallergenic face foam. Thanks to this design, you will enjoy a customized and secure fit without the goggles digging into your skin. Furthermore, the medium fit skiing goggles are fitted with a long adjustable strap which makes them compatible with all skiing helmets.

  • The face foam is friendly even for those with skin allergies
  • Wide strap design makes it more comfortable on your skin
  • Designed to fit any head size comfortably
  • Hydrophilic lens surface disperses moisture, grease, and grime
  • The lens scratch quite easily

How to Choose The Best Goggles for Night Skiing

When choosing the best night skiing goggles, you want to pay attention to the key functional features. This means that in addition to checking the regular features for any skiing goggles, you also want to look out for features that enhance their function at night. Below, we’ve shared the common features to look at.

Visible Light Transmission

Visible light transmission (VLT) measures how much your ski goggle lenses allow light transmission. The lower the VLT rate, the less light is transmitted – making this type of lens perfect for brightly lit or sunny conditions.

A higher VLT rate means more light transmission – which in turn provides better vision in low light to dark conditions. When choosing the right goggles for night skiing, you want to opt for options with a VLT rating of 80 to 100% and light tinting to clear lens finish.

Dual-Pane Lenses

Also known as thermal lenses, dual pane lenses come in quite handy when it comes to reducing fogging. Generally, dual pane lenses are separated with a middle layer – also known as the thermal barrier.

This design features two separate lenses – divided by a glued foam gasket that extends to the outer part of the inner lens. This means that the cold exterior lens surface will not interact with the warmer interior lens surface – thus, preventing condensation which may lead to fogging.


A frameless design doesn’t only give ski goggles great style. This design helps to enhance the goggles’ functionality. First, the frameless design is less bulky and heavy as it doesn’t have a chunky frame build around the lens. Additionally, it increases the wideness of the lens to provide a wider peripheral vision – even if the goggles are smaller sized for small faces.

Lens Swapping

Some of the best night ski goggles are designed to allow lens swapping – allowing you to fit your goggles with the ideal lens for particular environmental and lighting conditions. This design eliminates the need to invest in multiple ski goggles – instead, all you have to purchase is the lenses that you want.

Typically, ski goggles that allow lens swapping are designed with an integrated lens clip locking mechanism with magnets. This system makes it extremely easy to switch the lens whilst providing a secure hold on them when they are fitted to the goggles.

Facial Foam

Good quality ski goggles are fitted with a face foam on the frame. Depending on the design you go for, you may find goggles with a single, double, or triple foam layer. The foam comes with two key functions. First, it provides a goggle-to-face seal for a secure fit – to ensure full protection against the cold air and other elements.

Secondly, the face foam prevents the goggles from digging into your skin and making it uncomfortable to wear them for long. Some of the best quality goggles are even fitted with facial foams made from moisture-wicking material to provide extra ventilation.

VLT Rating

As mentioned above, the VLT rating determines how much light transmission the lenses on your goggles allow. This is normally characterized through the VLT rating which is measured in %. In sunny weather, the best VLT goggles rating should be under 25%. In flat light conditions and during overcast days, you want a VLT rating of between 20% and 70%. In darker conditions or during night time, you want a VLT rating of 80% and above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need Ski Goggles For Night Skiing?

If you intend to ski at night, you definitely need goggles for night skiing. This is because the goggles you use during the day are different from those at night – particularly the lenses. For nighttime use, you want lenses with a higher VLT rating and with little to no tinting to ensure clear vision.

Can I Use My Regular Goggles For Night Skiing?

It depends on the goggles’ design. If your regular goggles allow lens swapping, you can use them for night skiing – all you have to do is fit in the ideal lenses for nighttime use. However, for regular goggles that don’t accommodate lens swapping, you will not be able to clearly see at night.

What Is VLT And Why It Is Important For Night Skiing?

VLT represents visible light transmission – it measures how much light the lenses on your goggles allow to pass through. The VLT rating of your ski goggles allows you to figure out what conditions the goggles are ideal for. A high VLT rating means the goggles are perfect for low light conditions and the opposite is for low VLT rating.

What Is The Difference Between Night And Day Skiing Goggles?

The main difference between night and day skiing goggles is their lenses. Night goggle lenses feature a high VLT rating and have a lighter tinting or clear finish. Day skiing goggles have two types of lenses – lenses with low VLT rating for sunny weather and those with low to medium VLT ratings for flat light. Lenses for daytime skiing also boast a dark to medium tinting.

What Color Lenses Is Good For Night Skiing?

During night skiing, you want to go for clear lenses to enjoy maximum vision clarity. However, lighter tinting also works – in this case, you can go for colors such as yellow.


With the best goggles for night skiing, you can finally enjoy skiing in ultra low light to dark conditions without risking any danger. Whilst the goggles offer comfort just like good quality regular goggles, their lenses ensure that you receive optimal vision clarity and eye protection from elements on the slopes. So, now’s the time to take your pick of the best night ski goggles from the list above – to ensure you hit the slopes with the right vision enhancers and eyesight protection.

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