10 Best Shoes for Warehouse Pickers | Reviews for 2021

Do you work as a warehouse picker? If you do, you know how grueling the job can be. You have to spend many hours on your feet. Therefore, without the best shoes for warehouse pickers to give you proper support, your feet and legs will be in for a punishing shift.

The reason why you need to wear warehouse comfort shoes if you work as a picker is that you need to move around a lot. For instance, a warehouse picker’s job mainly involves getting things from the shelves and preparing them for shipment. It involves a lot of walking, standing, and even running.

When you have the right walking shoes, you can increase your productivity potential. Comfortable and well-outfitted employees are more productive.

What are the best shoes for walking on hard surfaces? Since you will be walking on a hard warehouse floor (most are concrete), you need a pair of shoes designed for such. That way, you can avoid foot injuries that affect thousands of warehouse workers every year.

No one can overemphasize the need for warehouse worker shoes. However, if this is your first time to buy these shoes, you will find it hard to pick one. After all, there are hundreds of brands and each claim to be the best. Don’t worry, here we have done the footwork for you. We bring you the top warehouse pickers shoes.

Editors Top Picks

Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain ShoeBest OverallNylon & Synthetic
Reebok Work Men’s Athletic Oxford ShoeRunners UpLeather & Rubber
ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 17 Running ShoeAlso GoodSynthetic & Rubber
Skechers Women’s Synergy Work ShoesBudget FriendlyLeather & Synthetic

Best Shoes for Warehouse Pickers Reviews

Check our top rated warehouse shoes for men and women. Here, you will also see their features, pros, and cons so that you do not buy blindly.

1. Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Sport Alloy-Toe Shoe

Timberland is one of the leading brand names for work shoes in the market. The Timberland tradition involves offering full support in all of their footwear products, to make our working days comfortable and productive.

Design and Materials

These shoes have a sporty design and look. In addition, they have this rugged, yet modern look about them, which makes you look good at work.

Onto the materials, the top of the shoes is 100 percent nylon. It is breathable and water-resistant, but don’t stand in a stagnant pool of water or drenching rain. Also, the out sole is synthetic. It has deep treads for stability on different types of ground.

Comfort and Breathability

Timberland incorporates their special anti-fatigue technology in these shoes. This technology generally ensures that the shoes conform to your gait, weight, stride, and shape of your feet.

Besides, the thick out sole is supportive and the upper has a meshed design for breathability. You will keep your feet supported, cool, and dry throughout the day. In the first 6 to 12 months, you may use the stock footbed before you feel the need to replace them with custom ones.

Safety and Convenient

For safety, the shoes come with alloy toecap to give your toes protection when you hit your feet against things. The shoes can protect your feet against electrical hazards. On the same note, the outsole is slip resistant on different terrains and spills.

Bottom line

Despite feeling a bit heavy at 3 pounds, these shoes conform to your feet quickly. They have almost all the supportive features that a person on the move needs.

  • Bungee lacing system ensures faster on and off
  • The outsole is anti-fatigue
  • Fits well after you break them in
  • Good for long work shifts in the warehouse
  • 3 pounds might feel a bit heavy for some people

2. Reebok Work Men’s Athletic Oxford Industrial & Construction Shoe

Reebok is very popular with people who love sneaker style shoes. Therefore, since the best shoes for warehouse pickers involve standing, walking, and running, the Reebok Athletic Oxford shoes might be great.

Design and Materials

These are work sneakers by design. When it comes to the materials, the upper is a stylish blend of leather and breathable mesh. The out sole is made of 100 percent rubber. Inside the shoes, you get a PU footbed that is removable and an EVA cushion midsole.

Comfort and Breathability

First, the interior of these shoes is lined with a moisture-wicking mesh. When you wear the shoes in summer and your feet sweat, this nylon mesh wicks it away. On that note, your feet stay dry and comfortable all day. To enhance your comfort, you get a PU removable footbed with an EVA cushioned midsole.

Convenient and Safety

The toe area of these shoes is reinforced with alloy. If you hit your feet against shelves, boxes, and door frames, your toes are safe. In addition, the rubber out sole is anti-slip in many ways. The rugged treads keep you stable on your feet on hard floors and other terrains.

Bottom Line

These Reebok warehouse shoes are not only comfortable but also offer you proper arch support. The aluminum alloy toecap is the icing on the cake.

  • Easy to break them in
  • Breathable upper prevents your feet from smelling
  • They run true to size
  • Sneaker design makes them good walking shoes
  • Do not have a steel shank so climbing can be a bit hard

3. Skechers Women’s Synergy Work Shoes

Skechers is one of the leading brand names for lifestyle footwear. In their collection, they also have stylish models for people who like to look good even when they are at work.

Design and Materials

By design and style, this shoe looks like a sneaker. Since it is targeted at women, you will find it in assorted colors such as black lined with pink, gray lined with blue and so on. The out sole is made of rubber while the upper is a combination of leather and mesh.

Comfort and Breathability

The upper of these shoes are made with leather and synthetic mesh. Therefore, airflow over your feet is assured and this keeps you dry, comfortable, and odor-free.

In addition, the shoes are roomy enough in the toe area so they leave good wiggle room. At the same time, the heel is wide for better balance and stability. The insole has a good cushion, so you can stand on your feet without hurting.

Convenient and Safety

The most notable safety feature is the composite toecap. It has the strength of a steel toe but not the weight. Another safety feature is the anti-slip outsole that keeps you steady on your feet even on wet surfaces.

Bottom Line

At first, these shoes will feel a bit stiff when new. However, as soon as they are broken in, you will find them very comfortable.

  • Anti-slip sole design
  • Light in weight thanks to composite instead of steel toecap
  • Bungee lacing ensures speedy lacing
  • Good looking in nice feminine color
  • They are wide so they might not be suitable for a person with narrow feet

4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 17 Running Shoe

Because Asics is like the one-stop-center for men and women’s running shoes, it is also possible to find work shoes that can keep you comfortable even if you spend days on your feet. One such is the ASICS Women’s Gel Cumulus running shoes.

Design and Material

This is a running shoe, so it comes in the design of a running sneaker. The upper of these shoes is made with synthetic material. It is also meshed to allow good airflow. However, on the flip side, it will not keep you dry if you are caught in a drench. The sole is made of rubber and it is quite durable.

Comfort and Breathability

There is no doubt about the breathability of these shoes as you will see from the meshed upper. In addition, since it is intended to be a running shoe, it has many comfort features.

For instance, the integration of the ASICS FluidRide Midsole cushions your feet and gives a good bounce back. The Forefoot and Rearfoot GEL Cushioning technology reduces shock as your foot lands. You can wear these shoes even when you have mild feet issues.

Convenient and Safety

These shoes do not come with composite or alloy toe for extra protection. The out sole is anti-slip. It has an Impact Guidance System – technology that enhances the natural roll of your foot from the heel to the toe area.

This prevents your feet from hitting the ground in the wrong way. The bounce back cushioning also absorbs shock.

Bottom Line

The job of a warehouse picker requires you to stay on the move for hours. These ASICS Gel lightweight sneakers might help. They are light in weight, made for running.

  • Seamless construction eliminates itching and irritation
  • Special technology to help maintain natural gait
  • Supportive rubber sole with excellent insole cushioning
  • Good for people with underpronation or natural arches
  • It does not offer toe protection

5. Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

On the web, you will find people asking: Is Fila better than Nike? Each is good but the affordability of Fila sneakers, tennis shoes, and running shoes endears them to many users. When looking for the best shoes for warehouse pickers, you will find one or other model from Fila.

Design and Material

These are sneaker style shoes. They come with 100 percent leather upper. It also comes with synthetic overlays to make it more accommodating and easier to conform to your work needs.

On the other hand, the out sole is made of rubber. It is thick and it comes with ample traction. The interior has a high quality sock liner and midsole for support.

Comfort and Breathability

The memory foam midsole and insole enhance your comfort of your feet. Also, your feet stay fresh and dry all day long. For breathability, the manufacturer has punched holes in the upper of the shoes. The lacing is also easy to adjust so that you can enjoy a relaxed fit, even when your feet swell a little due to gravity.

Convenient and Safety

Your safety on different terrains is assured. The rubber out sole is slip-resistant and it meets the set industry standards. For instance, it complies with the ASTM F2913-11 standard. The sole is thick enough such that it does not allow you to feel the pinch from pebbles and stuff.

Bottom Line

These shoes for warehouse pickers enable you to stay comfortable on your feet all day long. The memory foam insole and mid sole keep you supported during your working hours.

  • Comfortable fit for wide and medium width feet
  • Requires minimal break-in time
  • Perforations allow in air to keep feet cool and dry
  • The price is fair
  • Only available in white or black colors

6. Skechers Work Sure Track – Trickel

Bartenders, restaurant servers, and other people who work for hours on their feet wear these shoes. On that note, the Skechers WorkSure Track-Trickel shoes might be some of the best warehouse work shoes. But first, the features-

Design and Materials

The upper of these shoes is made with flexible leather. That way, it does not even crack or start creasing in the spots where your feet bend when you walk. The rubber sole is thick, supportive and it offers good traction on different types of floors.

Comfort and Breathability

These shoes come with ventilated lining, which allows air to flow in and out. This prevents the accumulation of sweat on your feet. The shoes come with removable memory foam footbed. It offers good support. The benefit of a removable insole is that you can swap it with a custom one. However, even the stock one is not bad. Therefore, give it some time before you exchange it.

Convenient and Safety

Thanks to features such as the midsole that absorbs shock, you can wear these shoes even if you have foot issues. The nitrile rubber outsole offers proper grip and traction on different terrains.

While it is anti-slip, step keenly on oil spills. To cap it up, it has a safety rating of ASTM F2413-05. When it comes to convenient features, you get extras like a pull-tab at the heel to help you get it on and off easily.

Bottom Line

As a warehouse worker, you might appreciate the SKECHERS Relaxed Fit technology that helps these shoes conform to your feet’s shape and gait.

  • Padded tongue to prevent the laces from pressing into your feet
  • Good for people who experience knots in their arches
  • Nice, supportive memory foam pad in the toe area
  • If you have low arches or flat feet, these shoes might be the real deal for you
  • Limited choice when it comes to color

7. Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot

Skechers boots might just offer more than the sneaker-style shoes in arch support and even ankle support. But first, you need to see the other features before you can make up your mind.

Design and Materials

By design, the Relment Pelmo is an ankle-size boot. They come in various colors. The metal eyelets make the boots look better and more masculine.

The upper is made of leather while the out sole is made of synthetic material. But what really makes them some of the best shoes for warehouse pickers? Features such as ample ankle support do. This is especially important if you will be climbing ladders at work.

Comfort and Breathability

The interior of the boots is lined with breathable material that helps to keep your feet fresh all day. The boots have a relaxed fit, so they do not press onto your feet too much. The interior also comes with a memory foam insole that keeps you well supported all day long.

Convenient and Safety

The out sole is quite safe and anti-slip. You might not be able to walk on icy pavements because it is not snowproof. All the same, since you need the best shoes for warehouse workers, you will mostly be moving on concrete floor. These boots will keep you stable even in water and oil spills.

Convenient features include the pull-tab at the back to help you get them up fast. There is good padding on the tongue and the bungee style laces are good for speed lacing.

Bottom Line

If you are a boot person, try these Skechers boots for men. They are comfortable, supportive and they are not too heavy.

  • Good for standing and walking long hours on concrete
  • They are waterproof and you can treat them to make them more waterproof
  • These boots are comfortable
  • Good arch support from memory foam insert
  • Not good for walking on ice

8. KEEN Utility Women’s Flint Low Work Shoe

KEEN is mostly known for its prowess in making hiking and other outdoor adventure footwear. If you are looking for the best women’s shoes for warehouse pickers, you might want to try this one. But first, see more details about it.

Design and materials

By design, these are working shoes, as you can no doubt tell from the reinforced toe area, the rugged sole with deep treads and their style. It can be good for a warehouse worker whose job involves standing, walking, and running about for hours.

The sole is made of rubber and the upper is made of leather. However, for the upper, it is a combination of mesh and leather. It is durable and breathable, therefore enhancing your comfort.

Comfort and Breathability

The first comfort feature is the EVA midsole. These midsoles are the most common in running and walking shoes. The reason for this is that the midsole offers good support in the ball of foot area and in the heel area. The padded tongue prevents the laces from pressing into your feet too much.

For breathability, the meshed lining and the leather/mesh combination for the upper allows enough air in. The KEEN metatomical footbed keeps you comfortable and well supported.

Convenient and Safety

These shoes come with a steel toe for extra protection. When you hit your feet against shelves, boxes, and things, you will not hurt your toes. In addition, the lug patterns of the rubber out sole keep you stable in spills and different terrains. This shoe offers protection against electrical hazards.

Some of the convenient features that the shoes come with include a pull tag at the back. This makes it easy to put the shoes on off. They also have a steel shank that makes climbing ladders easier since the soles will not bend.

Bottom Line

These KEEN shoes are durable with impressive protective features. Their price is commensurate with the features so you will not feel the pinch.

  • Safety rating for electrical hazards protection
  • Removable bed so you can swap with a custom one if your wish
  • Good arch support
  • Comes true to size fit
  • The steel toe makes the shoes a bit heavy

9. KEEN Utility Men’s Lansing Mid Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot

If you are looking for the best warehouse boots, you might love these ones from KEEN. KEEN hiking and work shoes never disappoint. However, first, see more details about the Lansing Mid-Steel Toe Boot before you make up your mind.

Design and Material

By design, this is an ankle boot. It has a rugged, masculine look, which is little wonder because it is targeted at men. When it comes to the materials, the upper is made of waterproof leather and some mesh panels.

These are for enhancing breathability. The outsole is made of rubber. This is a thick sole, so it is quite protective on all types of floors.

Comfort and Breathability

These work boots incorporate the Keen.DRY, which is a special membrane from KEEN that enhances breathability. Remember, these boots are waterproof.

With the breathable membrane, when your feet sweat, they will keep dry and comfortable. Another thing that enhances your comfort is the roomy space. There is the compression molded EVA midsole, which offers superior support.

Safety and Convenient

Of course, the first safety feature is the steel toe. Since these shoes are made for men, they are roomier so you will feel quite comfortable. The outsole has some deep lugs, which give great traction even in slick spills.

Additionally, these boots have been rated as safe against electrical hazards. The collars and the tongue are thickly padded for extra protection. In addition, a pull tag at the back has been added for convenience when wearing or pulling it off.

Bottom Line

These warehouse worker boots will offer you ample support, comfort, and protection for your toes and against electrical hazards.

  • You get good ankle support from the boots
  • Good arch support for low or natural arches
  • Moisture wicking lining whips the sweat away from your feet
  • Thick sole is good for standing long hours on concrete floor
  • Lacks metal eyelets for the laces

10. Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Sport Mid Alloy Toe

If you have been searching for a formidable pair of boots that also looks good on your feet, you might want the Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain with alloy toe. Keep reading to see more of its features.

Design and Materials

The athletic design of these work shoes endears them to many youthful workers.  This is one of the reasons the Timberland PRO Powertrain is one of the best shoes for warehouse employees.

The upper is meshed and is made of 100 percent nylon. The synthetic sole is durable and protective. For a person who is always on the move, these shoes support your feet fully.

Comfort and Breathability

The upper of the shoes is breathable. It prevents the accumulation of sweat on your feet. The interior of the shoes is lined with mesh lining. This lining has an antimicrobial treatment for controlling odor.

In addition, the manufacturer integrates Anti-Fatigue Technology in the out soles design. It enhances comfort and it promotes your natural gait.

Convenient and Safety

The toecap has been reinforced with Titan alloy material. It is as hard as steel but it does not have as much weight. The shoes also have electrical hazard protection.

The non-metal shank enhances the rigidity of the sole, helping the shoes retain their structural integrity. When your safety and protection are assured, you can become more productive at work.

Bottom Line

The athletic design of these shoes, the functionality, and the good features make this a good choice for warehouse workers. You will get good value for money.

  • Protects your toes from accidents
  • The anti-fatigue technology keeps you on your feet longer
  • Prevents sweaty feet and odor
  • Padded footbed keeps your feet supported
  • The molded footbed might sink after some time making the boots feel bigger

Buying Guide for the Best Shoes for Warehouse Pickers

With so many shoes to consider buying, you need all the help that you can get. Here are a few factors that a good pair must have:


Find out whether the shoes have comfort features. These include things like a good memory foam or EVA footbed, mesh lining with moisture wicking capability, padded tongue, and collar among others.


The danger of knocking your toes against things and doors is real. So, you need shoes that have toe protection. These warehouse work shoes can be steel, composite, or even aluminum alloy toecap. If the shoes have electrical hazard protection, get them!


This mostly relies on the design and the material used. Leather uppers seem to last longer, but still, nylon uppers can also be durable. On the other hand, the best shoes for warehouse workers with rubber soles seem to outlast their synthetic counterparts.

Electric shock resistant

When buying your work shoes, always look for those with electrical hazard protection. Most shoes with rubber soles are safe. However, a safety rating by one authority or other always inspires confidence.


There will be water, oil, and other types of spills on the warehouse floor. Therefore, you need a pair of warehouse shoes with good lugs. These offer you proper traction on different surfaces.

Good Fit & Lightweight

The main thing to look for when it comes to fit is “true to size.” You will only experience slight discomfort during the break-in process. After that, the shoes will fit you snugly.

About the weight, we have reviewed some shoes that weigh up to 3 pounds. Of course, factors like steel toes contribute to this. The lighter they are the better! Mostly, sneaker or athletic style shoes for warehouse work are better because they are light.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still need more clarification about the top rated shoes for warehouse pickers this far, these commonly asked questions might help you:

What does a warehouse picker do?

The warehouse picker job involves picking things from the shelves and preparing them for shipping. Pickers also load the items in their respective boxes, ready for the packers.

Are running shoes good for warehouse work?

If you work short shifts of 6 to 8 hours, you can wear running shoes for warehouse work. If you take longer than that, they might not be ideal.

Is it bad to wear the same pair of shoes every day?

Yes, it is for various reasons. First, the shoes will lose their shape fast. Secondly, they will wear out fast. They will absorb all of your foot perspiration and this might lead to the breeding of bacteria that cause odor.

Does walking on concrete hurt your knees?

Standing for more than two hours on concrete in the wrong shoes is not good for your legs. However, walking on concrete can hurt your knees if you do not wear the wrong shoes. So, you need shoes that can absorb impact.

What boot brand is best for warehouse work?

This is the Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Sport Alloy-Toe Shoe. It offers support to the foot areas that need it most. The integration of Anti-Fatigue Technology makes these shoes good for working long hours on your feet.

What shoes do podiatrists recommend?

Podiatrists recommend Birkenstocks walking shoes for people who spend more time on their feet. In addition, many models of the ASICS GEL shoes come highly recommended by podiatrists. Other recommended models include New Balance and Orthofeet Sneakers.


That is it for the best shoes for warehouse pickers. As you have seen, they come in all styles – boots, sneakers, and others. One thing that they have in common is foot support, minimal weight, and select safety features.

Our recommendation is the two Timberland PRO models that we have reviewed here. Indeed, the integration of Anti-Fatigue Technology in their design makes them worth having.

That notwithstanding, even the others we have reviewed here are going to give you good value for money.

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