10 Best Ski Goggles for Flat Light In 2021

If you are planning on mountain skiing in flat light conditions, then you want to invest in the best ski goggles for flat light. Wearing these ski goggles allows you to easily navigate the slopes when snow, fog, or overcast clouds block the sunlight from illuminating the part of the mountain you are skiing from – typically creating a flat light condition.

Flat light ski goggles are typically designed to enhance your vision in these conditions – making it easy to anticipate bumps or other obstacles on your path – to ensure you ride safely at all times. So, to help you find the perfect pair for your next skiing adventure, below, we’ve put together our top picks for the best skiing goggles for flat light this year.

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Editors Top Picks & Comparison






Best Overall

Wildhorn Pipeline Ski Goggles

TPU frame & PC lens


Runners Up

Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

Streamlined frame & prizm optic lens


Also Good

Supertrip Snow Ski Goggles

TPU frame & silver lens


Budget Friendly

Acure Ski Goggles

PC lens and frameless design


Review of Top 10 Best Ski Goggles For Flat Light

1. Wildhorn Pipeline Ski Goggles

Wildhorn Pipeline Features

  • Wide view quick changeable magnetic PC lens
  • Integrated lens clip locking system
  • 100% UV protection
  • ABS/TPU frame

Investing in the Wildhorn Pipeline Ski goggles allows you to use them on any occasion – whether it’s blurry or bright outside – thanks to the removable magnetic lens design. The ski goggles boast a proprietary Aurora Tech system that blends rare earth magnets and custom designed locks to make it easy to switch your lenses within minutes without risking damage.

In fact, the goggles boast a choice of up to 70lens/frames color combinations to choose from based on your needs. Yet, this is not the only popular feature that comes with the ski goggles. The flat light skiing goggles feature a huge cylindrical lens design, a flatter low profile fit, and a custom vent system to reduce fog and enhance viewing clarity.

Fitted with an ABS and TPU frame, the ski goggles are shatterproof whilst reinforcing the lens locking mechanism. The triple layer foam on the frame provides a soft and flexible fit on your face whilst wicking moisture and sealing out elements.

  • Up to 70 lens/frame color combinations to choose from
  • Triple layer form provides a secure fit, soft feel, and better ventilation
  • Made from lightweight plastic materials
  • Wide lens designs offer a panoramic view
  • The locking system makes it a little difficult to quickly change lenses

2. Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

Oakley Deck Features

  • Flexible O Matter faceplate
  • F3 anti-fog coating
  • Rimless lens design
  • Ridge lock lens system

Built with rimless lens, the Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles delivers a perfect peripheral viewing quality in every direction – enhancing your vision no matter the conditions. The streamlined frame and outrigger design accommodate compatibility with any helmet.

Furthermore, these Oakley ski goggles for flat light are fitted with a rimless lens coated with F3 anti-fog elements and treated with 100% UV protection o shield the eyes against UVA and UVB rays. The lens prism design offers adequate control of light transmission – delivering precision color tuning for optimum contrast and visibility.

On the sides, the discrete frame notches allow the goggles to accommodate most RX eyewear frames. The goggles rigid lens subframe attachment on the other end accommodates quick and convenient lens changing. To allow you to wear the goggles for long without feeling any discomfort, the skiing goggles are designed with a flexible O Matter faceplate for enhanced airflow.

  • Wide adjustable 50mm strap with silicone lining for a custom fit
  • Compatible with MOD5 and MOD3 helmets
  • Low profile frame with temple notched for RX eyewear frame compatibility
  • Spherical and wide lens for increased field of view
  • They are quite large

3. Supertrip Snow Ski Goggles

Supertrip Goggles Features

  • Over the glass design
  • Dual layer lens technology
  • Inner layer Italian imported anti-fog lens
  • Two-way vent system

If you are on a strict budget, the Supertrip Snow Ski Goggles are a great investment option. Whilst these ski goggles are ultra affordable, they still come with incredible features. The skiing goggles for flat light boast a dual layer lens technology with 100% UV protection and inner layer Italian anti-fog coating which effectively functions between an interval of -20 and 70 degrees Celsius.

The high density and elastic woven strap on the other end allows the skiing goggles to comfortably fit under all professional skiing helmets. On the TPU frame, the snow goggles integrate a soft triple layer foam to protect the face against wind whilst providing a skin-hugging fit and promoting adequate ventilation.

If you wear prescription glasses, these goggles are perfect too as they are designed to fit over small to medium sized glasses with an internal maximum width fit of 5 inches and height fit of 2 inches. Their versatile size also makes the goggles ideal for both youth and adults.

  • Can be used for all terrain vehicles, snowmobile, gliding, and skating adventures
  • Can be worn under small to medium sized glasses
  • Two-way vent system ensures a clear and clean vision
  • Compatible with all professional helmets
  • They may fog up for people with smaller faces

4. Acure Ski Goggles

Acure Goggles Features

  • 180-degree wide view lens
  • Double layer lens technology
  • Premium woven strap
  • Triple layer foam

With the Acure Ski Goggles, you will enjoy a clear and wide panoramic view thanks to the lens design. The panoramic spherical lens features a 180-degree view which allows you to see from all directions. The double layer lens construction on the other end protects the eyes against UV rays whilst preventing fog formation.

The skiing goggles for flat light are fitted with a premium woven strap with high elasticity and an adjustable finish to ensure compatibility with all helmets. This adjustable build allows both youths and adults to fit the goggles comfortably.

Additionally, the flat light skiing goggles integrate a high density triple layer foam on the frame. With the foam, you will enjoy superior exhaust ventilation whilst still allowing the goggles to safely cling to the face. Furthermore, the two-way venting system and vent holes on the lens promote enough airflow to reduce fogging whilst maintaining warmth around your face.

  • Adjustable strap offers compatibility with all skiing helmets
  • Double layer lens protects the eyes from UV rays
  • Two-way venting system and lens vent holes reduce fog and keep the face warm
  • Triple foam layer enhances fit and breathability
  • Difficult to find replacement lenses

5. AKASO Ski Goggles

Akaso Key Features

  • Soft TPU frame
  • Anti-fog ventilation
  • Spherical wide view lenses
  • Reflective hydrophilic coating

Constructed with soft TPU frames, the AKASO Ski Goggles are super flexible yet, rugged – giving them an impact-resistant and anti-vibration finish. The skiing goggles integrate 100% UV400 treated lenses to protect the eyes against UV light and glare.

The lens hydrophilic coating gives them an anti-scratch finish as well. The lens double layer construction creates a thermal mid-layer which prevents fog formation even during rapid temperature changes. The frame features a 4-directional venting system that further complements the lens anti-fog performance whilst leaving you well ventilated without allowing extreme cold air to penetrate.

To make it easy to adjust the goggles and fit them with any skiing or snowboard helmet, the skiing goggles are fitted with a non-slip and adjustable elastic strap. The adjustable strap allows the ski goggles to fit both adults and teens.

  • 4-way vent system with vent holes for better ventilation and anti-fog qualities
  • Twistable soft TU frame for impact resistance
  • Unique lens covering frame to prevent the lens from popping out
  • Spherical wide view for better viewing clarity
  • Maybe prone to scratching over time

6. Akaso Youth, Kids, & Teenager Ski Goggles

Akaso Goggles Features

  • 100% UV400 lens protection
  • Dual layer lens technology
  • Safety TPU frame
  • Helmet compatibility

For your young ones at home, the Akaso Youth, Kids, & Teenager Ski Goggles are perfectly made for them. The ski goggles are not only stylish and kid-friendly, but properly sized to fit them. In fact, the goggles for skiing in flat light are particularly built to fit girls and boys aged 8 to 16 years old.

Nevertheless, the ski goggles still deliver great functional features you would find in any good quality pair. The goggles are fitted with lenses that are treated with 100% UV400 and reflective hydrophilic coating – protecting the eyes and face against UV light and glare.

Furthermore, the lens features a dual layer construction to give it a fog-proof performance – providing superior viewing clarity during skiing and snowboarding. The strong TPU frame on the other end is anti-scratch and impact resistant for long lasting durability. To ensure the goggles comfortably fit your kid, they are fitted with an adjustable non-slip elastic strap.

  • Fits boys and girls aged 8 to 16 years old
  • The extra long elastic strap makes them compatible with any helmet
  • Silicone strap backing holds the goggles securely
  • Inner anti-fog lens coating for fog-free performance
  • The straps are not long enough

7. Juli M3 Ski Goggles

Juli M3 Goggles Features

  • Bendable TPU frame
  • Revo lens coating
  • Detachable lens system
  • Detachable strap helmet compatibility

Designed with a detachable lens system, the Juli M3 Ski Goggles makes it easy to switch different lens colors and VLTs – allowing you to use the googles in different weather conditions and preferences during skiing or snowboarding.

Additionally, to survive the harsh outdoor conditions, the skiing goggles boast a dual layered lens design with Revo coating for 100% UV protection and anti-fog performance.  The goggles boast a frameless design that reduces fogging whilst accentuating airflow inside the goggles – without letting harsh cold air swarm in too.

Furthermore, thanks to the frameless design, you will enjoy a wider field of view. The big interior space of the goggles on the other end gives them an OTG design – fitting over most prescription glasses.  The flat light ski goggles are fitted with an extra long elastic strap which allows them to comfortably fit under any helmet – making them perfect for men, women, or youth.

  • A larger inner space with cutouts accommodates prescription glasses
  • Bendable TPU frame increases safety and comfort
  • A two-way ventilation system keeps you cool at all times
  • Detachable lens system accommodates efficient lens swapping
  • You’ll struggle a little bit fitting glasses under them

8. Bollé Sierra Ski Goggles

Bolle Sierra Features

  • Double lens
  • Double layer face foam
  • Carbo glass anti-scratch lens glass
  • Flow tech venting

Whilst the Bollé Sierra Ski Goggles boast a stylish and colorful design, they still boast excellent features. The skiing goggles are fitted with a P-80 premium lens embedded with an anti-fog inner layer of double lens construction.

This design prevents moisture build up to deliver a clean and clear view at any time. The ski goggles are engineered with a flow tech venting system in each frame as well. With this superior venting system, the goggles enjoy directional airflow across the interior lens surface which further eliminates fog build up, promotes breathability, and maintains vision clarity.

To further enhance the longevity of the goggles, the lens is designed with a carbo glass anti-scratch glass – preventing scratches and damage. The double layer face foam on these unisex ski goggles provide extra cushioning whilst holding on to your face for a secure fit.

  • Flow tech vent system prevents fog build up
  • Embedded anti-fog lens layer effectively disperses water molecules across the lens surface
  • Double layer face foam provides a comfortable and secure fit
  • The goggles are designed to fit men and women
  • Not the best option for large faces

9. Juli Ski Goggle/Snow Snowboard Goggles

Juli Ski Goggles Features

  • 100% UV400 protection
  • Flow vent technology
  • Helmet compatible adjustable strap
  • Bendable safety TPU frame

Built with an ultra elastic and extra long adjustable strap, the Juli Ski Goggle/Snow Snowboard Goggles are compatible with any helmet and fit both men, women, and youth. The high performance flow vent technology reduces fogging by optimizing airflow inside the lens.

The flow vent technology features a series of venting ports that ensure adequate airflow at all times by preventing clogging from snow or ice. This allows the vent technology to prevent icy winds from penetrating the interior as well. When it comes to image clarity, the skiing goggles deliver a superior performance thanks to the 100%UV400 treated PC lens – the UV protection prevents eye damage from both UV light and glare.

In addition to the innovative flow vent technology, the goggles fight off fog formation through the lens anti-fog coating. The wide variety of lens colors on the other end allows you to use the goggles for different applications including skiing, ATC riding, and other winter sports.

  • Available in different lens colors and VLT
  • Flow vent technology promotes breathability and fog-free vision
  • Unisex design – fits men, women, and youth
  • Extra long elastic and adjustable strap for any helmet compatibility
  • Condensation builds up at times

10. Oakley Fall Line XM Ski Goggles

Oakley Line XM Features

  • Exclusive Prizm lens technology
  • Rimless frame design
  • Ridge lock lens system
  • 50mm adjustable strap with silicone lining

Featuring a proprietary and exclusive Oakley Prizm lens technology, the Oakley Fall Line XM Ski Goggles allows you to see light contrast when mountain skiing – even in the most challenging conditions. The lens is treated with 100% UV protection which protects the eyes against UVA, UVB, UVC, and blue light of up to 40nm.

The Ridgelock lens system on the other end makes it easy to change lenses more conveniently whilst still providing a full seal – protecting your eyes and face from harsh weather. Additionally, the skiing goggles integrate a rimless frame design. Thanks to this design, you will enjoy better visibility and a wide field of view.

The rimless frame design allows for full helmet compatibility too – in fact, the goggles pair well with the Oakley MOD1, MOD3, and MOD5 helmets. On the sides, the ski goggles boast a 50mm wide adjustable strap with a silicone lining for a secure fit.

  • Lens technology promotes easy and clear viewing
  • The rimless frame provides a wide field of view
  • Flexible O Matter chassis molds to your face easily and comfortably
  • Temple frame notches enhance the compatibility of the goggles with prescription glasses
  • They rest a little shakingly on the face

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Ski Goggles For Flat Light?

When choosing the best flat light ski goggles, you want to pay attention to the right features. Doing so ensures that you pick the right pair to match the conditions you will be skiing in. In the buying guide below, we’ve shared the key features you want to look out for.

Anti-Fogging Features

Your skiing goggles need to have anti-fogging features. This prevents condensation on the lenses to allow you to clearly see at all times. After all, when skiing in flat light, you are already exposed to low light conditions. To ensure your skiing goggles are built with anti-fog qualities, look out for details such as double layer lens construction, a two-way ventilation system, and/or actual anti-fog lens coating.


When it comes to safety, pay attention to the frame construction. Generally, good quality flat light skiing goggles are built from flexible and bendable TPU frame. Whilst this gives the frame a soft and comfortable finish, it also leaves it safe. This is because the TPU construction delivers an impact-resistant and vibration-free quality as well.


The longer and more elastic the ski goggles straps are, the better. Extra long straps allow goggles to fit under any skiing helmet. The adjustability of the strap on the other end allows the goggles to fit different face sizes and individuals. Most good quality goggles fitted with elastic and extra long adjustable straps can fit adults and youths.


VLT represents the visible light transmission capacity of your lenses. Typically, lenses with a darker tint have a lower light transmission and lower VLT value (%) – meaning that they work better in bright light as they allow very little light transmission.

Lenses that are clear or with brighter colors have a higher VLT value as they accommodate more light transmission. This makes them great for low light conditions. When choosing the best goggles for flat light, you want to opt for those fitted with lenses with a VLT value range of between 60 to 90% – to be able to promote vision in the otherwise low light conditions.

Lens color

The lens color works in line with VLT. However, different colors work for different situations. Generally, when choosing the ideal lens color for flat light, you want to go for brighter colors such as yellow, rose, and blue. Alternatively, you can go for the best photochromic ski goggles. These goggles are fitted with lenses that become clear in low light conditions and darken when exposed to bright light or sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Flat Light?

Flat light conditions descried the side of the mountain that doesn’t receive adequate sunlight as it is blocked by fog, snow, or overcast skies. When skiing in flat light, due to the blockage, the lighting conditions are normally low to near dark.

How Ski Goggles Help You When Skiing?

Ski goggles help to enhance your vision. For example, during flat light, choosing the right goggles with the right color and VLT enhances viewing clarity – allowing you to see any obstacles on the way. Additionally, skiing goggles protect your face and eyes from elements such as UV light, glare, snow, and even the cold air.

How To Maintain Your Ski Goggles?

First, you should never touch the lenses of your goggles. When your goggles are wet or soaked in snow, shake them off first and lightly blot them with a soft microfiber cloth. Continue to wipe them off until they are clear and then, let them completely dry off before storing them in their bag.

What Color Lens Is Best For Flat Light?

The best lens color for flat light should be light with a high VLT value of between 60% and 90%. Typically, you want to go for colors such as yellow, rose, blue, and amber green.

Can I Use Polarized Goggles For Skiing?

It depends. Polarized ski goggles come with pros and cons. First, they help to prevent sunlight glare that bounces off snow and ice to irritate your eyesight. However, due to this function, it may also be difficult for the skier to easily spot out icy patches on the slopes.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Ski Goggles And Flat Light Ski Goggles?

The main difference between the two is that flat light ski goggles provide a much higher light transmission than regular ski goggles. This function allows them to enhance your vision in the typically low light conditions during flat light skiing.


Using the best ski goggles for flat light, you can enjoy your skiing adventure in low light as if you were skiing in normal conditions. These goggles don’t only enhance your vision. They are still designed with superior quality – ensuring your eyes are protected from elements as well. Additionally,  these ski goggles are designed to maintain comfort so you can ski for longer.  With the list of best flat light ski goggles above, you are guaranteed to find the right pair to suit your needs.

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