10 Best Ski Goggles Under 100 Dollars In 2021

If you are in search of good quality but affordable eyewear during your next ski adventure, then, this review is for you. To protect your eyes from elements and injury, you want to invest in the best ski goggles under 100. Skiing can expose your eyes to prolonged sunlight glare and gushing winds.

Unlike sunglasses, ski goggles are particularly designed to protect your eyes from these circumstances without limiting your performance. With the best budget ski goggles, you will still enjoy the same quality and performance as you would even if you spent thousands.

However, this doesn’t mean that there are no cheap quality and flimsy ski goggles in the market. So, to take the hassle of choosing good quality affordable goggles away, we’ve put together the list of the 10 best ski goggles under 100 for this year – to help you find the ultimate choice without breaking the bank or settling for a cheap quality one.

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Editors Top Picks & Comparison






Best Overall

Outdoor Master PRO Ski Goggles

TPU frame and PC lens


Runners Up

Akaso Ski Goggles

TPU frame with glass lens


Also Good

Supertrip Ski And Snowboard Goggles

TPU frame with anti-fog coating PC lens


Budget Friendly

Sposune Ski Goggles

TPU frame and PC lens


Review of 10 Best Ski Goggles Under 100 Dollars

1. Outdoor Master PRO Ski Goggles

The Outdoor Master PRO Ski Goggles allows you to choose from a choice of up to 20 different interchangeable lenses to suit your skiing conditions. However, you will separately purchase the additional lenses. The ski goggles feature a frameless design that makes lens interchanging easy. However, this is not all the frameless design does for you.

Thanks to the frameless design, you will enjoy a larger spherical lens design for a 180 degrees panoramic view. Furthermore, the ski goggles are built with an extra long elastic strap which provides perfect helmet compatibility.

Additionally, the skiing goggles allow you to wear them over your glasses without affecting fit or vision. To protect the goggles when not in use, you will also receive a free protective case and carrying pouch.

  • The lens interchangeable design allows you to choose up to 20 different lenses to suit different conditions
  • The goggles are compatible with any ski helmet
  • You can fit glasses up to 5 feet 5 inches wide and 2 inches tall underneath the goggles
  • Soft, flexible, and break free TPU frame for added durability
  • Comes with a free carrying pouch and protective case to prevent damage
  • The goggles cause slight pressure on large faces on the cheekbones and nose areas

2. Akaso Ski Goggles

A free balaclava comes with the Akaso Ski Goggles for full protection against the cold air, wind, and elements. The balaclava integrates a stretchy fabric that moves moisture away from the skin to keep you warm whilst its low profile design allows you to wear it under your skiing helmet.

The skiing goggles feature an innovative design; allowing you to use interchangeable lenses. In fact, the goggles come with a spherical lens secured by 12 points under a stabilization bezel.

This design allows for peripheral view and distortion-free clarity. When riding the slopes, the lens remains firmly attached to the frame however, they easily pop out when it’s time to change them.

Double layered lens design and a high performance hydrophilic coating on the inner side of the lens guarantee unwavering viewing clarity by tackling internal fogging.

  • Venting windows at the top and bottom of the frame promote air circulation and prevent fogging
  • Anti-slip silicone straps for a secured fit
  • Comes with a free balaclava and storage microfiber case
  • Triple layered form for added cushioning
  • Interchangeable lens design allows you to fit a variety of lens types
  • Doesn’t come with interchangeable lenses

3. Supertrip Ski And Snowboard Goggles

Integrating up to 5 construction layers, the Supertip Ski And Snowboard Goggles deliver superior protection. At the outermost part, the ski goggles are fitted with tinted scratch resistant PC lens to withstand sunlight glare and UV rays.

The second layer of the Italian imported anti-fog lens ensures that you enjoy a clear view – even under rapid weather changes. Holding the lenses together is a TPU frame designed to significantly repel the cold air. Its two-way vents on the other end facilitate adequate air circulation and ventilation.

Furthermore, comfortable triple-layer foam connects the TPU frame to the face. The foam layer provides increased cushioning to prevent the frame from digging into your skin whilst maintaining ample breathability.

  • Highly elastic mirror belt ensures a comfortable and personalized fit
  • Adjustable buckles on the belt prevent it from being too tight or too loose
  • The ski goggles are designed to fit over the glass and are helmet compatible
  • The detachable lens design allows you to use the goggles for a cross section of skiing scenarios
  • 100% UV treatment
  • The lens film peels over time

4. Sposune Ski Goggles

Built with a frameless design, the Sposune Ski Goggles offer a large and spherical design for an increased field of view. The goggles feature a high tensile TPU frame construction that offers superior impact resistance.

Its three-layered foaming that connects the frame to the face allows you to comfortably wear the goggles for prolonged periods. Additionally, the goggles feature a polycarbonate lens that offers a shatterproof finish; allowing you to freely engage in skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling.

Additionally, the lens is treated with superior UV400 treatment and scratch resistant finish. The internal lens on the other end prevents internal fogging. Furthermore, the ski goggles can be worn over glasses to give you a 180 degree panoramic view for clearer viewing.

Mirror air holes on the frame and the foam layer sponge on the goggles also facilitate proper ventilation to leave you fresh, dry, and cool.

  • The ski goggles feature a sunlight protection treatment of up to UV400
  • Two sided exhaust holes for increased air circulation
  • The spherical design allows for comfortable 180 degrees viewing
  • Compatible with all Sposune helmets
  • Fits adults and youths
  • The goggles are somewhat rigid

5. Akaso Kids Ski Goggles

The Akaso Kids Ski Goggles are fitted with black/grey lens to make them great for those sunny and slightly cloudy days. These goggles for kids, teenagers, and youth are fitted with a double layered spherical lens to improve peripheral view and clarity.

Their mirror coating on the other end prevents sunlight glare whilst the 100% UV400 treatment offers optimal sunray protection.

Additionally, the double layered lens design and hydrophilic coating provide a superior shield from fogging for a perfect image viewing quality at all times. Vent windows are fitted at the top and bottom of the frame to accentuate air circulation and prevent fog formation. Plus, thanks to their universal size, these goggles fit kids from age 3 to adults.

  • Designed for kids, teenagers, youth, and small faced adult
  • Anti-slip silicone backed  strap is helmet compatible
  • The TPU frame enhances the durability of the goggles
  • The black/grey lenses are perfect for sunny to cloudy days
  • Smooth hydrophilic mirror coating to reflect glare
  • May easily scratch and scuff

6. Findway Kids Ski Goggles

If you are in search of stylish skiing goggles for your child, the Findway Kids Ski Goggles are a perfect choice. The ski goggles for kids are designed for kids aged 3 to 16years old and feature cutouts in the frame; allowing them to fit easily over glasses.

Their advanced double layered lens design feature Italian designed inner lenses with hydrophilic coating for exception fogproof performance. Their professional ventilation system on the other end promotes adequate air circulation whilst reducing fog.

The outer lens on the other end integrates an ultra hardening technology that delivers a scratch-free and impact-resistant performance. To complement their high tensile construction, the kids’ ski goggles feature a soft TPU frame.

  • Triple layered foam with fleece attaches tightly to the frame whilst providing increased warmth
  • Elastic non-slip strap with an adjustable buckle for a personalized fit
  • Designed for kids aged 3 to 16 years old
  • Comes with a storage bag that doubles as a lens wipe
  • Compatible with any ski helmet
  • The goggles may run a little small for older kids

7. Hongdak Ski Goggles

The Hongdak Ski goggles are designed with 100% UV treated and anti-fogging coating to deliver incredible functionality. Their high tensile construction on the other end delivers a scratch-free and impact-resistant finish.

Additionally, these goggles for skiing integrate a detachable lens system. Using this system, you can easily interchange the main lens with spare ones – depending on the VLT % – to cater to a wide range of conditions.

Thanks to this versatile design, these goggles are perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and other similar snow sports. Their innovatively engineered frame on the other end allows you to wear the goggles over glasses whilst also fitting them under any skiing helmet. Their adjustable straps allow you to achieve a custom fit. It is one of the best ski goggles under $100.

  • Spherical super wide view for better vision
  • The lens feature a 180 degrees panoramic view
  • The goggles are designed for teenagers and adults
  • A detachable lens system allows you to fit different lenses to meet the needs of the environment
  • The magnetic system holds detachable lenses in place during skiing
  • The large fit design makes it unsuitable for women and people with smaller faces

8. Velazzio Kids Ski Goggles

A thermoplastic polyurethane frame of the Velazzio Kids Ski Goggles increases its strength; making it break free and safe for your little one. Its spherical polycarbonate lens on the other end improves viewing clarity.

Additionally, the lens is UV treated for full protection for sun rays and glare. Furthermore, the lens features a double layer design and a hydrophilic coating which provides fog-free performance.

Within the goggles layers, you will find adequately sized vent holes that provide adequate ventilation and cloud-free viewing, even on stormy powder days. These ski goggles are designed to fit kids aged 8 to 16 years and are available in a cross section of lens VLT to accommodate skiing in different conditions.

  • Triple layer foam offers comfortable cushioning and prevents the goggles from digging into your skin
  • The silicone grip straps provide a stable fit
  • The goggles are ski helmet compatible
  • Designed to fit kids aged 8 to 16 years old
  • Comes with a free microfiber storage bag
  • The lens is a little difficult to remove

9. Elecool Ski Goggles

A 180+ degrees panoramic design of the Elecool Ski Goggles offers a wide view for increased skiing and snowboarding performance. Optimized vent channels enhance airflow and reduce fogging.

Additionally, the goggles integrate a cylindrical design that is perfect for snow sports as it reduces spherical vertigo due to angular deviation. The goggles are built with 10 magnets that hold the lens tight during skiing.

Yet, you can easily replace the lens to suit the changing conditions. Furthermore, a buckle lock lens design leaves in place to withstand even the roughest rides. For added functionality, the skiing goggles allow you to wear them over your glasses and under any ski goggles thanks to their increased elasticity.

A soft TPU frame and three foam layers on the other end provide increased cushioning and durability, respectively.

  • Permanent anti-fog treatment for added durability and added viewing clarity
  • Interchangeable lens design to suit varying conditions
  • UV400 treatment to protect against UV rays and glare
  • Ideally built for both skiing and snowboarding
  • Double lens design increase the lens durability
  • Flat light vision is a little distorted

10. Bolle Freeze Matte Skiing Goggles

Integrating a dual pane thermal barrier between the cold, dry exterior air and the warm, moisture interior, the Bolle Freeze Matte Skiing Goggles prevents fogging for clear views – even during rapid temperature changes. Embedded premium P80+ anti-fog lens layer, the goggles offer even better viewing clarity.

The inner lens disperses water molecules across the lens surface thus, restricting moisture build up. The high tech carbo glass anti-scratch armor on the other end offers a strong shield to prevent scratching; leaving your lens as clear and clean as if they were new at all times.

Its proprietary flow tech venting engineering promotes directional airflow inside the lens to added ventilation ad to further prevent moisture build up.

  • Ultra strong lens with scratch resistant coating for added durability
  • The goggles feature a UVA/UVB treatment
  • Designed to be used by both men and women
  • The flow tech ventilation prevents moisture build up and promotes adequate airflow
  • Double lens design for extra protection and added functionality
  • The goggles fog over time

How To Choose The Best Ski Goggles Under 100 Dollars

When choosing the best ski goggles, you want to focus on the key features. Skiing is not done on a single set condition – thus, you want to consider the variety of environments you will be exposed to.

Lens Tint

During skiing, the weather, terrain, and activity affect your overall performance. Thus, when choosing the ideal goggles for skiing, you want to consider these factors. The number one feature you want to focus on is the lens type. After all, this is what allows you to actually see when skiing. Lenses come in different types depending on the color tint and the VLT level.

The tint affects the combination of color definition, contrast, depth perception, and eye fatigue protection you will receive.  These factors can all be combined and measured through visible light transmission (VLT).

A low VLT, around 15%, provides less fatigue on sunny days. A high VLT, at around 70%, on the other end offers better color and depth perception on low light conditions. Typically, this is what each value represents;

  • VLT 0-10% – For sunny days
  • VLT 10-25% – For partially clouded to sunny days
  • VLT 25-60% – For cloudy days and dusk
  • VLT 60-90% – For night and heavily clouded days

Lens Shape

Skiing goggles are either built with spherical or cylindrical lenses. Cylindrical lenses are designed to curve left to right across your eyes and face. However, the lens surface is normally flat around the nose and forehead area. Whilst these lenses tend to be cheaper, they come with a limitation.

Due to their flattened nose and forehead areas, they accommodate flare easily and reduce peripheral vision. Spherical lenses on the other end offer a more panoramic and wider view area. These lenses curve across the eyes and face.

Additionally, they curve vertically. Curved spherical lenses offer less distortion, less glare, and improved peripheral vision. However, they cost a little bit higher than the cylindrical ones.


When selecting ski goggles to purchase, you also want to focus on the ventilation. Whilst you may experience incredible viewing clarity, you will not be able to use the goggles for a prolonged period if they are uncomfortable.

Vent holes and windows provide the much needed airflow and circulation. So, when choosing the ski goggles under 100, you want to look out for features such as vent holes at the top and bottom of the frame.

The larger the vent holes, the better the air circulation you will receive. However, you don’t want the vent holes to be too large that they affect the warmth that the goggles offer. Furthermore, adequately sized don’t only offer improved ventilation. Thanks to the ample air circulation, vent holes prevent moisture build up which, in turn, prevents fogging.


The best budget ski goggles must prevent fogging. After all, with lenses that easily fog, you will not be able to enjoy clear views. Therefore, you want to look out for features such as double layered lens designs and anti-fog coatings.

Double layered lens designs prevent fog build up as they create a thermal barrier. Anti-fog coatings on the other end are added to the lens for extra fogproof protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Ski goggles?

Best goggles for skiing are ideally designed to be used as protective gear during skiing. These protective eyewear seal the eyes to prevent small particles and air from affecting your vision. Clear lenses work great during dark conditions whilst colored ones are ideal for a wide range of conditions.

Is It Bad To Ski Without Goggles?

Wearing no eye protection can be dangerous during skiing. After all, skiing goggles prevent elements or cold air from penetrating your eyes and affecting your vision. Without wearing ski goggles, you may not be able to clearly see due to glare thus, putting you at more risk of getting into an accident.

How Do I Ski With My Prescription Glasses?

Generally, if you depend on your glasses, you should opt for a size bigger when choosing the best ski goggles under 100 to accommodate your glasses. However, you can also find a wide selection of options on the market that feature an OTG design. This means that the goggles allow you to wear your glasses underneath them.

Do I Need To Wear Ski Goggles At Night?

Yes, it is advised that you wear ski goggles at night too. Skiing at night can be particularly more dangerous when you don’t wear skiing goggles as you are less likely to see. For optimum protection, ensure that you choose the right lens VLT for night use.

What Color Lens Is The Best For Sunny Days?

If you intend on skiing in sunny and low light conditions, green lenses are a perfect option as they reduce glare whilst brightening shadows – they are a perfect value adding investment.


With the best goggles for skiing, you can still enjoy high quality eye protection without having to dig deep into your pockets. In fact, using skiing goggles doesn’t only allow you to see but also enhances your performance whilst protecting you on the slopes. The eyewear protection doesn’t only keep unwanted elements out but repels vision damaging glare.

With our list of the 10 best ski goggles under 100, you are guaranteed to find the ultimate choice for your next advenuture. Our personal favorite top pick is the Supertip Ski And Snowboard Goggles. But, if you are looking for the ultimate option for your kid, our personal favorite pick is the Akaso Kids Ski Goggles.

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