Top 10 Best Snowmobile Goggles – Reviews & Buying Guide

Snowmobiling can be an extremely fun sport – however, with the typically harsh weather you are exposed to, you want to invest in the right protective gear for your eyes. The best snowmobile goggles are designed to do just this. Snowmobile goggles are intended to not only protect the eyes from varying lighting conditions.

These goggles are instrumental in providing an extra layer of protection against the cold weather and high speed winds whilst keeping other elements such as snow and debris out of the eyes. So, to give you a variety of good quality eye protection wear to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best snowmobile goggles for this year.

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What are The Best Snowmobile Goggles?

1. Devembr PRO OTG Snowmobile Goggles: “Frameless, Interchangeable lenses, Anti-fog coating, UV400 protection.”

2. Juli Snowmobile Goggles: “OTG design, Anti-fog coating, TPU Frame, UV protection.”

3. Juli BNC Snowmobile Goggles: “Mirrored lens technology, UV400 protection, TPU Frame, Smooth airflow.”

4. Eruw Snowmobile Goggles: “OTG frameless design, Anti-fog coating, TPU frame & PC lens, UV400 protection.”

5. Extra Mile Snowmobiling Goggles: “TPU frame, Comfortable and perfect fit, Detachable lens, Airflow system.”

6. Extra Mile Snowsports Goggles: “Mirror belt, OTG design, Soft sponge, Breathable system, UV 400 protection.”

7. AKT Off Road Snowmobile Goggles: “PC lens, Anti-fog protection, Detachable lens, Airflow system, Triple layer foam.”

8. Poecent Snowmobile Goggles: “Adjustable strap, Anti-fog & UV protection, TPU frame & PC lens.”

9. Scott Prospect Adult Snowmobile Goggles: “Triple layer foam, Lens lock system, ACS technology, Comfort noseguard.”

10. 100% Accuri Adult Snowmobile Goggles: “OTG design, Anti fog & UV protection, Flow vent technology, TPU soft frame.”

Editors Top Picks & Comparison






Best Overall

Devembr PRO OTG Snowmobile Goggles

TPU frame and anti-fog coating lens


Runners Up

Juli Snowmobile Goggles

TPU frame and glass lens


Also Good

Juli BNC Snowmobile Goggles

Frameless and 
Detachable PC lens


Budget Friendly

Eruw Snowmobile Goggles

TPU frame with anti-fog coating lens


Review Of Top 10 Best Snowmobile Goggles

1. Devembr PRO OTG Snowmobile Goggles

Devembr OTG Features

  • 100% Full Revo coating
  • OTG design
  • Optimized vent channels
  • Magnetic lens system

Integrating a magnetic lens system, the Devembr Pro OTG Snowmobile Goggles are designed to cater to different lighting and weather conditions. The magnetic lens system allows you to quickly and easily change your lens without compromising the fit and durability. Their lens on the other end features a durable layer technology – acting as a thermal barrier for a fog proof experience.

Furthermore, the lens features an optimized vent channel design for increased airflow and breathability. Unlike other snowmobile goggles, these goggles boast a 100% full REVO coating. The Revo coating provides a better superior viewing clarity.

On the sides, the goggles are fitted with an adjustable anti-slip strap which doesn’t only provide a secure fit but, also makes the polarized snowmobile goggles compatible with different ski, snowboard, and snowmobile goggles. Additionally, the snowmobile goggles integrate an OTG design – allowing you to wear them over your prescription glasses.

  • Allows you to change the lens based on the lighting and weather conditions
  • Can be worn over prescription glasses
  • Built with a face foam for a better fit
  • Comes with a soft and hard storage case
  • The cylindrical lens design somewhat limits the field of view

2. Juli Snowmobile Goggles

Juli Snowmobile Features

  • Smooth airflow system
  • Helmet compatible adjustable strap
  • Padded face foam
  • Bendable safety TPU frame

For those looking for a budget-friendly, yet, good quality pair of snowmobile optics, the Juli Snowmobile Goggles are a perfect option. Nonetheless, their affordability doesn’t stop them from being extremely rugged and high tensile. Thanks to this powerful construction, these versatile goggles can be used for all-terrain vehicle snowmobiling, snocross, gliding, and skating.

Built with a high quality bendable TPU frame, the goggles withstand the harshest impact and blows. Their durable lens on the other end complements the frame for a long lasting performance. In fact, the polycarbonate lens features a dual layer coating for an anti-fog and glare-free experience. Additionally, the lens is treated with 100% anti-UV elements to protect the eyes against the harmful UV effects.

Furthermore, the goggles feature an effective ventilation system to complement its anti-fog properties whilst promoting increased airflow and breathability. Around the frame, the padded foam provides ample sealing for a secure fit – preventing the goggles from sliding down.

  • Effective fog reducing flow vent technology
  • 100% UV400 protection against UVA and UVB rays
  • The extra long elastic strap offers a universal helmet compatibility
  • Spherical lens design for a wide viewing field
  • Doesn’t offer a comfortable OTG design

3. Juli BNC Snowmobile Goggles

Juli BNC Features

  • Detachable lens system
  • Frameless design
  • Detachable strap helmet compatibility
  • OTG design

Incorporating a lens detachable system, the Juli BNC Snowmobile Goggles allow you to fit a wide selection of lens colors depending on the conditions. You can now hit the road anytime you want without worrying about the lighting conditions or having to invest in multiple goggles!

However, this is not all the goggles offer. Their two-way vent system offers optimized ventilation with increased airflow inside the lens to prevent fogging whilst leaving you with ample fresh air. The vent system optimizes moisture wicking as well.

Furthermore, the goggles are designed with a large and spherical frameless lens style which gives them a wider field of view. Additionally, the lens features a large interior space – allowing them to accommodate prescription glasses underneath. The extra long and detachable adjustable strap provides compatibility with any helmet type.

  • Two-way vent channels for better airflow and moisture wicking
  • Fits prescription glasses
  • Detachable and adjustable strap to fit different head sizes
  • Treated with UV400 elements and an anti-fog coating for a better view
  • They tend to fog at times if they are accidentally covered

4. Eruw Snowmobile Goggles

Eruw Snowmobile Features

  • Bendable TPU frame with PC lens
  • Non-slip elastic straps
  • Two-way vent system
  • Double lens technology

The Eruw Snowmobile goggles are fitted with a large spherical frameless lens that helps to improve your view – providing an unobstructed and wide field of view Thanks to this design, you will not only enjoy exceptional viewing but, also increased comfort. Furthermore, the snowmobile goggles are built with a dual layer lens technology.

The outer lens features a 100% UV treatment to tackle UVA and UVB rays and to deflect glares. The interior layer features an Italian style anti-fog treatment with a protective film for a fog-free snowmobiling experience. To complement this fogless performance, the goggles are also designed with a superior ventilation system.

The ventilation system integrates a triple layer high density and soft sponge that helps to keep your face warm and comfortable whilst the two-way vent ports exhaust hot air at the top vent holes and allow adequate cold air to seep in through the lower vent holes – for added breathability.

  • Lens buckle locking system for added security
  • The humanized design allows you t wear myopia glasses
  • Compatible with all types of masks and helmets
  • Designed for both adults and teens
  • Can easily scratch

5. Extra Mile Snowmobiling Goggles

Extra Mile Features

  • Non-slip silicone strap
  • OTG design
  • Lens detachable system
  • Adjustable strap buckles

A detachable lens system of the Extra Mile Snowmobiling Goggles allows you to enjoy the sport without risking any accidents or injuries as it ensures you have on the right lens. The system allows you to switch the lens with spare ones of different colors based on lighting conditions – ensuring superior visual clarity in any conditions.

With this design, the goggles can be used in a variety of snow sports – be it snowmobiling, skiing, or snowboarding. Furthermore, the goggle lens features a double lens layer construction with the outer layer coated with UV protection and the inner layer coated with anti-fog elements.

The double layer construction helps to optimize air circulation as well as to keep you cool whilst maintaining a clear view. Additionally, the snowmobiling goggles are fitted with a triple-layer high density soft foam on the frame which doesn’t only provide great moisture-wicking and air circulation. It also provides long lasting cushioning and comfort.

  • The foam on the frame offers great cushioning and air circulation
  • Built for both men, women, and youth
  • Rimless design reduces frame mass and improves helmet compatibility
  • The strap buckles are adjustable to fit different head sizes
  • The straps can be too short for some head sizes

6. Extra Mile Snowsports Goggles

Extra Mile Features

  • Mirror adjustable buckle
  • High elastic mirror belt
  • Three layer comfort sponge
  • Direction airflow system

The Extra Mile Snow Sports Goggles feature a series of innovatively engineered layers designed to optimize their performance. At the outermost lens layer, the goggles boast a full Revo mirror coating which significantly improves viewing clarity whilst protecting the lens against brushes and scratches.

The inner lens on the other end features an imported anti-fog treatment for anti-fog and anti-glare performance. The lens is built with a double layer technology – leaving a thermal barrier in between to further prevent fog build up. Holding the polycarbonate lens is an ultra flexible durable TPU frame that withstands knocks and impact.

The frame features an effective directional airflow system that pushes hot air away whilst pulling in just enough cool air for adequate ventilation and breathability. Underneath the frame is a three layer comfort system that allows the goggles to securely fit the face without sliding whilst providing enough cushioning.

  • High elastic mirror belt offer generous helmet compatibility
  • The buckle adjuster accommodates different head sizes
  • Highly cushioning frame comfort sponge
  • Large OTG design accommodates different prescription glass sizes
  • They don’t fit all helmet types

7. AKT Off Road Snowmobile Goggles

AKT Off Road Features

  • Wide comfort band
  • PC + composite carbon lens
  • Foam padding
  • Adjustable straps

The AKT Off Road Snowmobile Goggles feature a unique design that offers extra coverage – protecting the eyes, nose, and face. Furthermore, the goggles are designed with a reinforced bridge to offer extra protection against debris and impact – making them the best snowmobile goggles with nose guard.

Whilst the goggles feature a lightweight build, you can still choose to remove the nose block for an even lighter feel. The wide comfort band on the other end helps to fit the goggles’ grip on a wide range of helmets – holding them securely even through the roughest and high energy packed adventures.

Additionally, the snowmobile goggles integrate lightweight padding around the outer frame rim for added cushioning comfort, moisture-wicking, and air ventilation. To improve viewing clarity, the goggles are fitted with polycarbonate and composite carbon lens with multilayer coating. The high quality multi-layer coating provides an anti-glare, anti-fog, and anti-UV performance.

  • Offer extra coverage to the nose, eyes, and face
  • Foam padding around the frame rim for added comfort
  • The nose guard can be removed
  • Designed with optimum protection against UV rays
  • Issues with durability

8. Poecent Snowmobile Goggles

Poecent Snowmobile Features

  • Two-way vent system
  • Safety TPEE bendable frame
  • Adjustable strap
  • Curved and optimized frame design

The Poecent Snowmobile Goggles are amongst the cheapest available snowmobile goggles, however, they offer some of the best and excellent quality features. The goggles for snowmobiling are built with a safe bendable TPEE frame that allows them to withstand the harshest conditions.

On the frame, a two-way vent system promotes ample air circulation – ensuring hot air is pushed out at the top and allowing just enough cold air to seep through. Additionally, the snowmobiling goggles are fitted with a thickened sponge on the frame which prevents them from digging into your skin.

The frame sponge helps to facilitate a secure fit as well – without the goggles fitting too tightly on your face. To allow for universal helmet compatibility, the snow sports goggles feature a curved and optimized frame design. To complement this design is an extra long adjustable strap.

  • Tall and wide frame to accommodate prescription glasses underneath
  • Unisex design
  • Soft and comfortable skin-friendly materials
  • Thickened frame sponge for increased comfort
  • The sponge can be a little hard

9. Scott Prospect Adult Snowmobile Goggles

Scott Prospect Features

  • Lens lock system
  • Thermoformed face foam channels
  • Soft fleece face liner
  • Pivoting outriggers

Designed with an ultra large lens and a thinner frame, the Scott Prospect Adult Snowmobile Goggles puts the lens closer to the face thus, improving your vision clarity and peripheral vision. The innovatively designed proprietary thermoformed face foam is designed to accurately contour to the shape of your face for increased cushioning and comfort.

Additionally, the face foam provides a secure fit on the face to prevent the goggles from sliding or being too tight and digging into the skin.

To complement the multi-layer moisture-wicking face foam, a soft fleece face liner helps to further provide a face seal and comfortable fit.

Plus, on the face foam, air channels are strategically placed to wick away moisture from the face. The goggles for snowmobile riders are also designed with pivoting outriggers. This design allows the goggles to fit any helmet shape and increase pressure on the face for a secure fit.

  • Comes with a nose break
  • Face liner improves fit and comfort
  • The large lens and thin frame for a better field of view
  • Extra wide 50mm non-slip silicone strap
  • Only fit adults

10. 100% Accuri Adult Snowmobile Goggles

Accuri Snowmobile Features

  • Oversized face foam
  • Dual pane Lexan lens
  • 45mm silicone-coated strap
  • Curvature fit

Built with a curvature fit, the 100% Accuri Adult Snowmobile Goggles are designed with a face contouring performance to optimize comfort. The goggles are also constructed with a flexible and durable urethane frame to complement its face fit whilst boasting a rugged build to withstand rough outdoors.

Furthermore, the snowmobile goggles are built with specific cold weather features that improve their protection against harsh conditions and maintain visibility even with dramatic temperature drops. The snowmobile goggles are also fitted with a dual pane Lexan lens with an anti-fog coating for superior vision.

An oversized face foam on the frame helps to create an impenetrable seal around the goggles to protect the face against the cold. Additionally, the face foam provides adequate cushioning for increased comfort. To keep the goggles intact, an oversized 45mm silicone-coated strap is fitted on the sides.

  • Large foam for better fit and comfort
  • The extra long strap offers a secure fit
  • Dual pane lens design for fog-free performance
  • Ultra flexible and rugged frame
  • Prone to scratches

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Snowmobile Goggles?

When choosing the Best goggles for snowmobiles, you want to pay attention to the right functional features. Remember, you will be riding through harsh cold and snowy weather – with high speed winds. So, you want the features to accommodate this environment.


You want goggles fitted with a good quality lens – constructed with durable and high tensile material such as polycarbonate. This allows them to withstand any environment without easily shattering or scratching. Furthermore, to withstand the outdoor environment, the lens should be treated with anti-fog and anti-UV elements.


Ventilation doesn’t only complement the anti-fog performance of your goggles. It also helps to provide a breathable interior to leave your face with fresh air and free of moisture. To ensure your goggles offer adequate ventilation – lookout for goggle options designed with vent holes or airflow channels.

You can even find the best goggles for snowmobiling built with a two-way vent channel system. These types of goggles are normally fitted with vent holes at the top and bottom of the frame for a directional air flowing mechanism.

Design & Comfort

Good quality goggles should also offer adequate comfort. To gauge the comfort of your goggles, first, you have to ensure they fit well. This can be checked by ensuring the straps are adjustable and allow the goggles to fit snugly- without digging into your skin.

Additionally, you want to go for goggles constructed with a face foam or sponge on the frame. The face foam or sponge help to provide extra cushioning whilst sealing the face so the goggles remain intact.

Optical Quality

Similarly, your lens has to be of good quality. As mentioned above, the ideal snowmobile goggles are built with PC lenses that are coated with anti-fog elements and UV protection. However, for a newbie, it may not be easy to gauge the quality by simply reading through the features.

The next best thing may be to go through real life customer reviews of the goggles in mind from reliable sources – this gives you a better understanding of the quality of the goggles you wish to purchase.

UV Protection

When you are snowmobiling, chances are that you will be doing so during the day. Therefore, you want to protect your eyesight from the sunlight. A good quality pair of snowmobile goggles are built with UV coating to protect the eyes against UVA and UVB rays as well as to repel glare.

Anti-Fog Mechanism

Snowmobile goggles must integrate an anti-fog quality for them to be effective. Typically, many good quality goggles feature a double layer lens design – two lenses separated by a thin thermal barrier. The barrier prevents the temperature on the inner and outer layers from affecting each other to cause fog.

After all, the interior lens is normally warm due to the body heat and moisture whilst the exterior layer is cold. The thermal barrier prevents contact between the two. Additionally, the airflow channels on the frames help to regulate ventilation to further maintain visual clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Snowmobile Goggles?

Snowmobile goggles are designed to offer protection for the eyes during snowmobiling.

Why Use Snowmobile Goggles?

Snowmobile goggles are important because they help to enhance your vision in different lighting and weather conditions. Furthermore, they are designed to protect your eyes and face against harsh weather and other elements such as snow and debris.

How To Take Care Snowmobile Goggles?

If the goggles are covered by snow, simply shake off the snow, let the goggles dry, and then, wipe them off using their supplied cloth or a soft clean cloth. Before storing them, ensure they are dry. Never touch the lens or use rough tools such as brushes to clean them as this may easily scratch off their coatings.

Can I Use My Regular Ski Goggles For Snowmobiling?

It depends on the design. Some ski goggles are versatile – allowing you to use them for a variety of snow sports including snowmobiling, snowboarding, and of course, skiing.

What Lens Color Is The Best For Snowmobile Goggles?

It all depends on the lighting conditions you are riding in. For example, if you are riding in bright lighting conditions or on a sunny day, you want darker/tinted colors with a low VLT such as gold and yellow. During the night, you want to use clear lenses with 100% VLT.

What Is The Difference Between Ski And Snowmobile Goggles?

There is very little difference between the two. However, snowmobile goggles are designed to adapt to the typical fast speed snowmobile riding – offering a wider field of view and more coverage and warmth thanks to their padded frames.


With the best snowmobile goggles, you can enjoy your riding even more without worrying about accidents or injuries. These goggles don’t only protect your eyesight during riding. They also facilitate better vision – no matter the lighting conditions. Additionally, with good quality snowmobile goggles, you will enjoy your adventures with long lasting comfort – they will not slide off, allow cold air on your face, or digging into your skin. So, choose your ultimate choice from the list of our top picks above.

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