Top 10 Best Work Boots For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that is characterized by pain on the heel of the foot secondary to inflammation. This condition is generally caused by excess pressure or compression of your foot, especially if you step on rough surfaces for long. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, it is very important for you to know what is the best work boots for plantar fasciitis that are designed to keep your foot safe and comfortable.

The boots are designed for all-weather making them be a perfect product for police officers, firefighters, farmers, and other people who may need to work in unsafe places. They are made with electrical shock resistant materials, so your foot and toes are protected. Have a look at some of the most premium examples in the market, and you can check out the buying guide to see how you can select the most comfortable work boots for plantar fasciitis.

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Rating: 4.4/5

  • 100% leather with waterproof membrane
  • Rubber sole
  • Cushioned insole
All Rounder

Rating: 4.4/5

  • 70% Leather and 30% Nylon
  • Synthetic sole
  • Lightweight and comfortable
Budget Friendly

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  • 100% leather with waterproof membrane
  • Rubber sole
  • Very comfortable

10 Best Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis in 2020

Here we described 10 of the best work boots for Plantar Fasciitis, which are the best boots in the market. Most of them are from award-winning companies, and they are handmade, making them perfect from top to bottom.

Skechers Verdict men's is a one hundred percent leather boot meant to be used both officially and for outdoor places. The rubber sole is not only meant for durability but also for maximum grip when stepping on slippery surfaces. The more the grip on the sole and the ground, lesser the force and energy you use to support yourself.

You don't even stress your foot inside, so it reduces the foot pressure, and this prevents you from the Plantar Fasciitis. Its upper leather is waterproof, meaning you can wear it for your outdoor activities, and it will protect from the wet surfaces and even rain. When a boot absorbs water, the foot skin inside the boot becomes soft and prone to blisters. That is not the case with this kind of boots.

To ensure your foot even stays in a perfect sole, there is a cushioned insole that keeps your foot comfortable and free from pressure. There are prominent made holes that allow for quick lacing without a lot of struggle on the laces. This saves time. With its robust engineered body, you may think it is heavy. But to the contrary, it is not heavy at all.


  • Maximum comfort due to the insole
  • Pure leather enhances durability
  • Waterproof, so you can go with it outdoor
  • The sole is made of rubber so it doesn't easily break
  • The shoe is very light, so you don't easily get tired


  • It doesn't match with a lot of the fashion options

The engraved keen logo, the design, and the lacing system are just adorable. With the premium fabric lining and the front covering rubber enhancement, the shoe is aesthetically pleasing, leaving every outdoor enthusiast to love it. From the arch, the shaft measures approximately mid-calf. This means there is a complete balance between the two toes and the heel preventing one-sided increased pressure.

Such engineering reduces the occurrence of plantar fasciitis. The metal lace ensures maximum tightness of the shoemaking you to walk confidently in the outdoor space. In case you are worried about it's durability, worry not because it's pure leather is waterproof and scratch-resistant. This mean's the work boot can serve you for a long time without it reducing the quality. 

The metatomical dual-density footbed is removable, so you can always ensure you enjoy maximum comfort. Your whole foot will be in a comfortable position, making you free from fasciitis. It covers the whole foot plus the whole ankle joint, making you be fully protected from any hazard that could be looking forward to ruining your foot. You can choose from two colors, the slate, and the black color. So, it is also the best work boot for plantar fasciitis.


  • Robust front rubber to protect your toes from any hit pain
  • High-density footbed for maximum foot comfort
  • Very symmetrical, so you don't have unbalanced pressures on your foot and toes
  • It is abrasion-free
  • Metal lace hooks for maximum stability on your foot


  • You can only choose from two colors
  • It may be heavy for some people

This uppercut boot is made from pure heavy-duty leather. It is 100 percent leather, which means it doesn't quickly fade or tear. Designed by experienced shoemaking professionals, it has a superb appearance making it be fashion enhancer. The fact that it is waterproof makes it ideal for all your outdoor activities.

The sole is made of steel at the toe level, and there is a perfect soft insole layer, making the pressure to be perfect. Therefore, you don't get plantar fasciitis at any point because your foot is ideally suited in the place. The design is made in such a way that your foot will be handing freely inside while the laces keep your foot secured in place inside the boot.

What gives it a more enhanced look is the Chippewa logo that is embodied at the topmost side of the boot. Unlike the other boot's, this one can prevent you even from the electrical hazards that you may come across. You can walk with on any weather, and you will never see any aesthetic compromise. The weight is not that much, making it a light shoe that you can wear even for your outdoor activities.


  • Waterproof for all your outdoor activities
  • Perfect soft insole for foot comfort
  • Excellent sole that does not break easily
  • It Has the best lace hooks for excellent stability
  • You can choose from different colors


  • There is no size for young people
  • Cleaning is very difficult

With an age Bark color, this boot stands out from the rest because of its outstanding design and superior aesthetics. Made from 100 percent pure leather, the boot is all waterproof, making it to be one of the best outdoor boots. The shaft measures 8.5 inches from the arch, and the heel is 1.5 inches making it to be one of the perfect shoes to prevent plantar fasciitis.

It is handcrafted, so there is no room for mistakes making the shoe a true reflection of quality and fashion. With heavy-duty synthetic sole, it has been proven to be one of the most reliable outdoor boots. You can go camping or hunting because they are all-weather. The insulated nature of the boots makes them more favorable in any weather you enjoy excellent outcomes at all times. 

There are lace hooks and holes all to provide maximum intactness when the boot is on your foot. These boots don't fade quickly, making you shine always. Inside the boot, there is an insole that provides maximum comfort and softness to prevent excess pressure. This prevents your heel of the leg from fasciitis.


  • Water-resistant and it is insulated
  • Does not fade easily
  • Very robust sole that doesn't break easily 
  • You'll choose between a good sort of colors 
  • The boot is easy to clean and does not stick a lot of dust


  • It may be too heavy for those who are not used to
  • Very limited colors available

Magnum Men's Response is one of the simplest work boots for plantar fasciitis. If you have a taste of military boots style, this is the best design you should consider. Made with a refined leather that has undergone superior finishing and top-notch design, you will enjoy the outstanding look you will have.

It is all handmade plus the fabric added makes it a one of kind shoe that you will always rock with. The outer lining is insulated, making it not to allow any heat or cold from outside to your foot. You, therefore, have an all-weather work boot that you simply can place on everywhere you attend. The collar is padded for maximum support, and to ensure you enjoy excellent outcomes, and you also have the best lace hooks that can hold the shoe in place.

It is waterproof and doesn't fade easily, making it a perfect match for all the outdoor matches you could be having. The opening is normally 5 inches meaning even the largest foot will fit in perfectly. Six and a half inches of length, ensuring it accommodates the biggest foot that big people could be having. The inner is sorted with a soft insole to ensure your foot remains comfortable and free from pressure. Even when you walk on the roughest land, you will not get any fasciitis.


  • The fabric lining gives it a perfect image
  • Waterproof and does not scratch even when touched by sharp objects
  • It has a wonderful design that fits even large foot
  • Very flexible allowing you to stretch your foot
  • Doesn't break easily and doesn't expose your foot to pressure


  • Very large for small people
  • The fabric reduces the leather quantity on the shoe

The boot is 70 percent rubber, and the 30 percent is normally made from neoprene. The creative design that comprises of rubber at the top, steel on toes and rubber at the leg and heel makes it outstanding. From the arch, there is a length of 14.5 inches, making it to be immensely protective of the user of the shoe.

The opening is also 14.75 inches, so you can insert your foot without a lot of struggling like the way people do on small boots. With a premium cushioning technology used in the making of the shoe, it doesn't hurt your toes and foot even when you run or jog the whole day. Always make your work boots more comfortable because it will help you free from fasciitis.

Being a waterproof boot, you will have the best time adventuring without your foot being exposed to water. The sole is made of rubber, so it doesn't break easily, and you can walk even in the roughest without the sole breaking at all costs. So it is also best work boots for concrete or rough surface.

The toe area is covered with steel cover, so even if you hit something or kick something hard, it will not hurt the toes, meaning you have a very wonderful time.


  • Very robust for even the toughest surfaces
  • Waterproof and doesn't allow any heat or cold to your foot
  • Soft inner part to prevent you from plantar fasciitis
  • Excellent design for excellent looks
  • The steel on the toe area doesn't rust easily


  • Not meant to be used officially
  • Cleaning is tiresome because it is huge

Perfect engineering, excellent stitching, and pleasing aesthetics are some of the descriptions that can match the boot. It is not that tall but covers from ankle to mid-leg, making your foot to be fully covered.

The grained leather is not only strong but also doesn't fade, making the boot to have a wonderful look always. More pleasing is even the sole that is made from rubber, ensuring it doesn't break. You can step on rocks, thorns and other sharp materials and you will not even feel any pain.

The leather is waterproof, and it becomes one of the perfect plantar fasciitis walking boot for outdoor work. Even on the construction sites or farms, it will be difficult for sharp objects to prick you because the leather is perfect. 

Breathable sections were added to ensure you don't encounter foot discomfort. Its inner side is soft and spacious, making your foot ton relax without a lot of pressure. Even if you step on oil, the sole is slip-resistant, and it is made with treads that are easy to clean. Maximized traction enables the boot to have pleasing performances both on rough and smooth roads.


  • Very lightweight making it ideal for even the outdoor places
  • Waterproof, so you can use it all weather
  • Leather cannot be scratched, so the boot remains elegant throughout
  • The sole is made of rubber so it doesn't break easily
  • Very easy to clean the debris from the sole


  • There are no sizes for children
  • You have only one color to choose from

One of the best steel toe men's work boots for plantar fasciitis that you can always go outdoor or even wear to the office. They are more of official half boots that are made from pure leather. The leather is thermoplastic polyurethane design, making it stand out in all roads that the user normally walks on.

With a rugged sole that has enhanced traction, you can be sure that you cannot slip on the road at any time. On the outdoor, the boot is water-resistant, and the sole is known to be tough, so it doesn't break easily. Even getting worn out is hard because it is perfect and outstanding.

The body of the boot is resistant to electrical hazards, so you can even use it in your workshop. It is perfect work shoes for electricians, police officers, and firefighters because it is lightweight but very strong functionally so you can enjoy excellent outcomes. 

It is created a design that prevents the foot from compression, so it prevents you from plantar fasciitis. You don't need to worry about the outer cover because it doesn't fade or scratch, so your boot will always be outstanding even when you use it for a long time. It is black so you can easily clean it.


  • Looks like an official boot
  • Electrical hazard resistant boot
  • You can use it even in your office
  • Does not compress the foot
  • Protects your toes from outside pressures or forces


  • It doesn't protect the knee because it is short
  • You need a trouser to cover your legs

This is a 15-inch Nylon leather uniform boot that has a synthetic sole. It is a uniform boot with one perfect black color that makes it look wonderful and outstanding. The outer material is well stitched to ensure it doesn't deform even when it is encountered by a large force. 

You can also use it on concrete floors. It is scratch-resistant, so you can be sure to use it even in the roughest conditions, and it will not encounter any deformities. The synthetic sole is of high density allowing you to go to any road of any texture without ruining it. 

Inside the boot, it contains a soft insole that enables your foot to rest without any form of pressure. The result is that you get the best experience in every adventure that you partake because there is no risk of plantar fasciitis. 

The boot is waterproof and well-insulated making it to be an all-weather boot that you can always trust. You will not be worried about the sole because it is stretchable, meaning it doesn't break easily even when you fold it extremely, especially when you are on outdoor activities. It is a half-boot, so you can use it even on the few official days.


  • You can use it for official duties
  • A scratch-resistant boot that lasts longer
  • Robust sole that doesn't break easily
  • Pure black making it easy to clean whenever you want
  • Designed in an excellent way to make you stand out


  • It is a half boot, so it doesn't cover the whole leg
  • There is only one color to choose from

This is a robust boot made from 100 percent leather. Caterpillar men's cut cap is a Waterproof boot and you can go with it on the outdoor areas even when it is raining. The superb engineering makes the boot to be extremely wonderful because of the color combination, stitching, and the placement of the logo.

Caterpillar is known for its outstanding products that are of superior quality and known to contain excellent reliability. Even thorns cannot penetrate the boot. The sole is made from plastic, making it to be stretchable and unbreakable. You can step on sharp objects, rough surfaces, and other areas and still not get affected by the impact.

There is a removable insole that is soft and provides your foot with a soft place where you can step comfortably as you enjoy your adventures. No pressure on your foot, so you cannot experience plantar fasciitis.

You have a wonderful moment time running or doing rough activities because you can secure the boot using the strong laces. The lace hooks are made of metal material so you cannot easily break them. The rubber outsole even prolongs the life of the boot because it doesn't break or ruin the upper cover.


  • Rubber sole for maximum durability
  • Waterproof for all your work
  • Has excellent leather that doesn't scratch
  • You can easily clean them because they are relatively small


  • Pure leather so you need to care of the heat
  • Maybe corroded by corrosive materials

How To Choose The Best Work Boots For Plantar Fasciitis

When it comes to buying the best work boots for plantar fasciitis, there are many things to consider. This is not only because you want a perfect boot but you don't want to spend your money on something that cheap and low quality.

There are some aspects you need to consider to ensure you get the best boot for plantar fasciitis that will fit you well and serve the core purpose.

The Material Used in making the Boot

This is an important feature when you are looking for a boot for plantar fasciitis. Most boots are made of leather, and these are the durable and robust ones. They are normally scratch-resistant, waterproof, and can always be used on the outdoor space at any time.

Some boots are made from leather and a small percentage of nylon. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis problems, these types of boots are right for you. They cannot be relied on in places like fireplaces or places where rough roads are involved.

Types of Sole the Boot Has

This is also yet another important feature that must be considered. The sole determines how comfortable your foot will be in the shoe. If the sole is made using synthetic rubber, you will have a perfect time because the foot will not be easily compressed.

Soles not made from rubber are normally compressing the foot leading to pains, especially if you have used the boot the whole day.

Choose Your Size

While you are suffering from this plantar fasciitis disease, It is very important for you to know the size of your work boots. Most boots are normally for adults. Even the high cut nature of the boots makes them inconvenient to kids.

To ensure you have excellent size, always measure your foot and order the exact. It is better to buy a larger boot than to buy a small boot compared to your foot. Being compressed by a boot makes the whole experience unpleasing.

Choose Your Style

When it comes to buying work boots, styling is very important. The colors, stitching, and sole design define how elegant a boot is. Look at the styling perfectly so that you get the best boot that will satisfy your fashion requirements. Aesthetics are very important, so you need to make sure you keep when choosing the boot.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that most people have when it comes to buying the best work boots for plantar fasciitis. Here are the most common questions and their answers.

Question 1: Are All Boots Made Of Leather?

Answer: Most boots are made of leather, but not all of them. Some are made of pure fabrics, making them look extraordinary but not as robust as leather boots are. These boots made of fabrics are not waterproof and cannot provide the protection required. Leather and fabric boots are perfect for plantar fasciitis feet.

Question 2: How Do I Select My Size?

Answer: It is simple, just measure your foot using a tape measure. You can then check the specifications and make sure you order your size. It is better to have a large boot than to have a small boot that will cause pain on your toes. Always confirm with your fitting shoes before you choose a number to order.

Question 3: Can I Repair The Work Boots?

Answer: If they are torn or somehow compressed, you can look for a shoemaker and replace the damaged part. If they are burnt, they cannot be fixed, so you will have to throw them away. Always make sure you confirm if the boots are inflammable or not so that you know where to use them and where not to.

Final Word

Boots are perfect for your outdoor activities, and they are also good at protecting you from outdoor hazards. Some of the features of the best outdoor boots include waterproof, scratch-resistant, and slip-resistant.

If you want to buy the best work boots for plantar fasciitis from the online shops, first check your foot size so that when you go online, you just pick what your size is. For the boots that are half-boots, they can be used as official shoes again. Always make sure you clean the work boots because they reduce the quality and aesthetics.

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