Top 10 Best Work Boots For Sweaty Feet

Working in hazardous sites can be life-threatening. In Places like fireplaces, electrical workshops, and construction sites, your foot is always at risk of injury. Being in the perfect shoe can reduce all these problems and make you to work safely and productively. After a long research, we selected the 10 best work boots for sweaty feet. These boots are made with features like extreme cushioning, mesh steel to make them robust and rubber soles. 

If you want to choose them well, there is also a buying guide to help you know what to look for. For your sweaty foot, you will not feel the stuffy feeling because the boots absorb the sweat and also keep the inner side well ventilated. 

Our Top Picks


Rating: 4.6/5

  • 100% leather with breathable mesh lining
  • Very nice and comfortable shoe
  • Waterproof and lightweight
All Rounder

Rating: 4.4/5

  • Insulated and good for outdoor works
  • goodyear welt construction increases it durability
  • It's rubber sole provides excellent slip resistance
Budget Friendly

Rating: 4.5/5

  • 100% leather with polyurethane sole
  • Slip and oil resistance
  • Removeable footbed and cushioned insole

10 Best Work Boots for Sweaty Feet in 2020

Below are some of the best work boots for sweaty foot in the market. They are designed and engineered differently, so make sure you choose the best ones that will fit your needs.

Keen utility men's flint Made from pure leather, this boot's quality is reliable. The design is premium giving the boot an excellent shape that makes the wearer look perfect. As of the laces, they are enclosed in the lace hooks ensuring they don't get out of place once you tie your laces.

The rubber sole is heavy-duty yet very flexible to allow your foot to bend with the sole as you step on unbalanced surfaces. The rubber sole enlarges to the front of the toes to ensure your toes are well protected. Even if you hit something by your feet, the toes will be safe.

With fined grained leather, the shoe doesn't fade or make any scratches. You end up enjoying its magnificent look throughout. The rubber sole is slip-resistant, so you can always climb even the most slippery surfaces, and you will never fall.

There are breathable mesh panels that ensure your foot is well ventilated even as you do your activities. It is a very robust boot that can even protect you from electrical shocks. The removable footbed ensures it becomes easy for you to clean and change the insole if need be.


  • Very lightweight

  • Cut at the ankle, so it makes it flexible
  • It has an inner sole that you can change 
  • Breathable vents to keep your foot well ventilated 
  • The rubber sole is slip-resistant


  • It is not a full boot

  • The color is too dull for some people

Timberland pro men's boondock 6" is a premium boot, built with a fantastic synthetic sole that doesn't break easily. The boot has metal lace hooks at the top, making you firmly secure it on your foot to move around without disturbance.

Thanks to its 100% leather material, it ensures the boot remains attractive because it doesn't get scratched or ruined. To make it even more incredible. The boot doesn't accept any water to penetrate, and it is insulated. Insulation helps in ensuring your foot remains in a wonderful environment without excess heat or coldness.

Inside, there is a removable inner sole that your foot rests on to ensure maximum comfort. The boot has a wonderful sole that is flexible and made from plastic. It doesn't break or cause a lot of pressure on your foot. This yields maximum comfort leading to you using the boot without any pain.

It is very lightweight yet immensely robust, so you can move from one place to another without getting tired easily. The engineering used is to enable the shoe to prevent you from electrical shocks so that you always stay safe. The rubber sole of this boot extends to the front of the shoemaking your toes to be fully covered.


  • Very lightweight for easy use on the outdoor places

  • Perfect shape for aesthetic excellence
  • Perfect sole that doesn’t compress your foot
  • Excellent lace hooks for maximum stability
  • Very easy to clean and maintain


  • There are no many colors available

  • You cannot wear it to official places 

It is a wonderful leather boot that is handmade using a hundred percent leather. The boot has a wonderful presentable with some of the premium aesthetic enhancements. A wonderfully designed sole that ensures your planter is raised while the foot is well relaxed.

There is an insole that ensures your foot is prevented from excess pressure. The leather is waterproof, meaning you can even go with it on outdoor surfaces and still enjoy the best outcomes. One of the best things is it enhanced cushioning capabilities that keep your foot safe and comfortable.

The leather is grained mainly to make the shore more scratch resistant and waterproof. Being a non-conductor, your foot is always protected from electrical shocks, making you safe. Even in places of fire, you will not encounter any flames because the leather is not flammable.

You can use it in places where oil spills are common because no liquid can penetrate the leather and touch your foot. Being one of the robust boots, you can go with on your outdoor activities, and it will never disappoint you. It's a perfect shoe that keeps your foot comfortable and free from any sort of hazard.


  • Excellent in appearance and well-designed

  • A top-quality rubber sole for excellent functionality
  • Extreme cushioning to ensure you don’t get any kind of bruises
  • The boot is lightweight so you don’t easily get tired
  • Excellent colors to make you shine even on your field


  • It is only up to the ankle level so it doesn’t protect the legs

  • There are no sizes for children

Right from the design to the stitching style, you can tell this is a true premium shoe. The black rubber sole is flexible yet robust and rugged to ensure you step on the concrete or rough surface without ruining it. It is also slip-resistant, making you climb even the steepest places for you to do your activities.

As a caterpillar boot, it is known for its amazing quality that enables it to survive or overcome all the harsh conditions. An all-weather boot that is waterproof and can protect you from electrical shocks and other types of hazards.

The fine-grained leather is waterproof, and you cannot incur any scratches even you step on sharp objects. There is an insole that is removable to ensure you clean the shoe perfectly. The toe-section is soft to ensure the toes are not pressed so you will always be comfortable whenever you wear the shoes.

You can choose from three colors, so you don't have to wear what you don't want. If you work in electrical places, or you like touring the jungle, this is the best shoes you need to take to ensure you stay safe and work efficiently.


  • Very lightweight for easy lifting of your foot

  • Excellent colors to choose from
  • Perfect cushioning to keep your foot comfortable 
  • Waterproof and slip-resistant


  • You cannot use it for official purposes

  • It is not ant-corrosive

Do you want some comfort, protection, and confidence on your sweaty foot? If yes, this sneaker is made with all features to make you work without any foot fatigue. It is made with memory foam to ensure it absorbs all the sweat your foot produces so that your foot can remain dry and comfortable throughout.

The body is made of leather suede with some openings that allow in the air to make you feel comfortable. Its waterproof nature enables you to be safe, even in places where water and oil spills are common. 

At the toe area, there is steel inserted and fixed to ensure your toes remain protected from any sort of pressure. The sole is slip-resistant to ensure you walk even in the steepest and slippery places without falling down. With premium stitching, you can be sure that the sneaker will last longer than you anticipate.

You can be sure in your outdoor adventures because it doesn’t allow even sharp objects to penetrate making it to be one of the most reliable shoes. 


  • Waterproof sneaker that is all-weather

  • Absorbs moisture from outside and sweaty foot
  • Very easy to clean so you can keep it presentable
  • Always slip-resistant even in oil spills


  • The leather is not pure leather

  • It is not anti-corrosive

Right from its design, it is one of the best shoes that you can have for your outdoor activities. Equipped with safety features like a rugged sole, you will be able to step in any outdoor area that you are in.

First, the sole is slip-resistant, enabling you to step on any surface whether it has oil spills or not. You also get the best leather that has enhanced cushioning to ensure your foot is completely comfortable. The removable insole just adds to the comfort, and you will not slide inside even if your foot sweats a lot.

Thanks to the mesh that ensures proper ventilation occurs so that you don't sweat in the shoe always. Its leather is scratch-resistant, meaning the boot will stay in perfect condition now and then. The sole is made of rubber that doesn't conduct an electric current, thereby protecting the user from electric shocks. Lace holes are made of metal to ensures once you secure the boot, there will be no form of instability.

If you want a boot that will keep your foot safe, this is the best one, and it lasts longer than most of the other boots in the market.


  • Premium stitching to ensure it lasts long

  • Excellent sole that sharp objects cannot penetrate
  • Cushioned inner side for extreme comfort 
  • Resistant from electrical shocks


  • Not perfect for official use

  • You need to have a large size foot to fit in

It is a one hundred percent premium leather, and it is made in a design that resembles timberland boots. The boot is brown and stitched in while strings are making it to be one of the most adorable boots around. Besides aesthetic excellence, it is also equipped with a massive comfort enhancement features.

One of the comfort enhancement features includes the sort inner sole that is removable. That sole is extremely soft, and it is meant to make your foot comfortable. The sole also reduces compression pressure on your foot enabling you to enjoy being comfortable even when you have to use the boot for long.

As for durability, the premium leather is waterproof making it not to rot even when touched by water many times. The work boot  sole is made of rubber, so it is extremely flexible and doesn't break or get pricked easily by sharp objects. Such features enable the shoe to stay for long before getting ruined by any external factors.

As per the safety standards, this is a boot you can trust because it is resistant to any kind of electrical shocks. Firefighters, people who work in hardware and other risky areas, this is the best boot to have.


  • Premium leather for long durability

  • Rubber sole for protection 
  • Extreme cushioning for maximum comfort 
  • Waterproof leather 
  • Electrical hazard protector


  • The shape is not pleasing

  • There are no many colors 

Georgia men's logger boot comes with full top quality leather that is abrasion-resistant. The lace holes are made of metal and are distributed from the bottom of the shoe to the top making it easier for one to secure the boot on the foot.

For ensuring maximum flexibility, the foot room is raised leaving your feet and toes to hand freely. This means even if you wear the boot for the whole day, your foot will never undergo any kind of pressure. Inside the shoe, there is an inner removable sole that ensures your foot rests on the sponge-like substance. The insole improves your foot comfort enabling you to work without any fatigue.

It is a waterproof boot, so even if you want to work outdoor in the rains and other places where water is common. The boot has a steel reinforcement at the tore section, so even if you hit something as you are walking, you will not feel any pain.

The leather is abrasion-resistant, so you can be sure it will last longer, even if scratched by sharp objects. Always make sure you wash them after a job, and they will remain attractive.


  • It is a robust boot that makes you unstoppable even in the jungle

  • Your foot is protected from electrical shocks 
  • There is an insole for maximum comfort
  • Slip-resistant sole 
  • Excellent color that matches with its style and size


  • It is huge so you need to have energy

  • No size for small people

It is a hundred percent suede leather, and its design is specifically for the sweaty foot. The small openings on the surface allow air to enter the inner side while preventing water. This means it is waterproof, and even the sweat that your foot produces will evaporate.

In the long run, your sweaty foot remains dry, enabling you to continue with your daily activities without any inconvenience. It is engineered with Bellows, a closed-cell foam tongue, which works to keep debris out of the shoe while ensuring the sweat your foot produces is eliminated.

Thanks to its synthetic sole that has the extreme gripping capacity to allow you walk even on the steep surfaces. The Merrell air below is meant to absorb extreme shock that could injure your foot and toes. It is from this cushioning technology that you remain comfortable and sage throughout the period of using the shoe.

In front of the work boot, there is a protective rubber sole that ensures your toes remain protected even if you hit an object while walking. The zonal added heel support and arch are all necessities of safety on your foot, preventing you from even plantar fasciitis


  • Choose from a variety of colors

  • Toe protective sole 
  • Has advanced cushioning for safety 
  • It is light compared to original leather 
  • Slip resistant sole for maximum efficiency


  • It is not made from pure leather 

  • Prone to scratches

In the construction sites, oil source sites, and electrical workshops, you need a boot that can guarantee your safety and make you stand out from the rest. That is exactly what the Ever Boots are made for. Equipped with some features to enhance its durability, you can use this shoe for as long as you want, and it will not wear out easily.

First is the fine leather that is not stretchable, and it is scratch resistant. It is also reinforced with a mesh of steel to keep its good shape and ensure you have the best comfort while working. The leather is waterproof so you even if water or liquid spills on your shoe, you will still be perfectly fine.

There is an insole that you can use to ensure you increase cushioning so that you reduce foot compression and make yourself comfortable. The shaft weighs is 7 inches from the arch, so you are always comfortable.

Thanks to its non-slip sole that ensures even if you step on oily substances, you will still not fall at all. Even in the outdoor areas, you will always have an excellent experience because it is designed to withstand all the difficulties.


  • Enhanced durability due to steel mesh

  • Fine waterproof leather
  • Slip-resistant at all surfaces
  • Extreme cushioning for foot comfort 
  • Waterproof leather making it an all-weather boot


  • It’s a heavy boot
  • The price is a bit high for those who want several pairs

Buying Guide Of Best Work Boots for Sweaty Feet

Boots may seem simple to select, but it is easy to make the wrong choice if you don't know what to look for. Choosing the best work boots for sweaty feet that are of your size is the first thing to consider because you don't want a boot that presses you a lot or a boot that is too loose on your foot. Besides the size, there are some aspects of boots that are vital, and you need to know them if you want to have the best time. Below are some of the features which should be considered.

Can The Boot Protect You From Electrical Shock?

As you work on the workshop, you may step on live wires. If the shoe is not well-made, you may experience an electric shock that is not good for your health. Some boots are made of steel mesh, yet they are very non-conductive making the user safe and comfortable even when he or she steps on a live wire at the working station.

The Durability of the Shoe

As you focus too much on the safety of your foot, you wouldn't want a boot that wears out the next day. For that reason, make sure you select a shoe that is made from fine waterproof leather. The abrasion-resistant leather is going to last longer. Not even that alone, it also maintains the good appearance of the shoe. The sole is best if made from rubber because it doesn't tear off easily.

Comfort Feature of the Shoe

You wouldn’t like your foot to be compromised when working. Choose a boot that has a cushioning technology. This cushioning feature absorbs shock and keeps your foot extremely comfortable. The steel cover on your toes is meant to prevent any form of harm because it absorbs the force when you hit objects by mistake. Other features to look for include slip-resistant, waterproof leather, and perfectly designed lace hooks that will enable you to secure your boot perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions About the boots people normally ask include.

Question 1: Are These Boots Resistant to Flames?

Answer: The answer is no; flames consume leather, so if you place your boot on flames, it will burn out. They are also not ant-corrosive, so don’t risk your foot on corrosive substances. Just know they are protective and non-slip sole.

Question 2: Can I Use Water to Clean the Boots?

Answer: Yes, you can use water to clean the boots but it would be good if you get the specific cleaning material so that you don’t ruin the leather. Water will not harm the leather, but it will not give the shoe its aesthetic quality.

Question 3: Where Can I Use the Boots?

Answer: You can use them in places like workshops and electrical sites. Some people use them on construction sites where there are concrete and sharp objects in plenty. You enjoy excellent outcomes at all times because your foot is always protected.

Final Word

Best work boots for sweaty feet are mainly designed to make you feel comfortable so that you can work productively and stay away your feet from sweating. They are also meant to relieve fatigue on your foot even if you work for long hours. Even with these exemplary functional features, they are also made to last longer and protect you from various sources of harm.

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