How To Break In Cowboy Boots Fast

A pair of cowboy boots come with a cross section of benefits – whether you want to be more stylish or have the best quality boots. However, to make full use of your boots, you must ensure that they offer a comfortable fit – to do so you have to break them in.

Investing in a new pair of boots in one thing, however, learning how to break in cowboy boots is a whole new journey. To ensure your boots don’t cause any discomfort or worse enough, blisters and injuries, it is important to learn how to make the boots fit better.

To make it easier to do so, there are plenty of ways you can break in your boots. Well, we’ve selected for you the 7 easiest and quickest ways of how to break in cowboy boots to help you transition smoothly into your footwear.

how to break in cowboy boots

7 Easiest Method of Break in Cowboy Boots

1. Immersion Method

You can choose to immerse your cowboy boots in water. To do so, simply submerge each boot in a bucket or tub full of water, then, wear the boots whilst lined with plastic and continue with your daily tasks. During this process, the boots will not only mold into the shape of your feet but, dry as well.

Whilst this method is quite effective, many people choose not to use it, particularly if their boots have weak anti-odor and anti-microbial resistance.  This is because this method comes with the risk of putting on wet boots which can lead to the formation of odor-causing microbes. Dousing the boots with water can cause damage as well.

2. Water Spray Method

If you don’t want to fully submerge your cowboy boots in water, you can opt to use a water spray. This method still uses water as the immersion method, but, using significantly less amounts of water helps to reduce the risks of damaging your boots.

To do so, fill up a spray bottle with water, then, spray the water inside and outside of your boots. You can also focus the spraying on areas you have the most problems with. You can even use a leather conditioner in the process to strengthen the boots’ waterproof quality – this helps to protect them from future damage.

3. Leather Conditioner Method

In addition to waterproofing your leather cowboy boots, a  leather conditioner forms an integral part when you are learning how to break in your cowboy boots. Leather conditioners are ideally formulated to expand the leather fibers of boots.

The expansion makes it more comfortable to wear them for prolonged periods. To apply the leather conditioner, follow the instructions on the package label. To avoid discoloration, always test the leather conditioner before fully using it.

4. Heating Route

If you don’t want to use liquids, you can opt for the heating method. Using heat is one of the most dependable and reliable ways of breaking in your boots. This is because due to the pliability of leather, the heat gently expands and molds the boot into the ideal fit.

However, one should refrain from applying direct heat to the boots as this will burn the boots rather than help break them in. Some of the common tools to apply heat when breaking in cowboy boots include a hairdryer or a steamer. These two tools are the commonly recommended tools as they can be readily found in any household.

To use either a dyer or steamer for breaking in your boots – hold the tool at least 8 inches away from your boots. Do so until you feel the area you are focusing the heat on becomes warm. You want to focus the heat coming from the dryer or steamer to areas such as the heel and sides of the boot. After applying the heat, put on the boots, and walk in them for about an hour or so.

You can do this even within your home. Continue with your daily tasks as you normally would whilst wearing the boots as if you are wearing indoor slippers. There’s a very good reason as to why you should wear and walk in your boots as soon as you are done heating them.

This is because heating the leather allows it to expand. Therefore, putting the leather boots on allows them to mold into the shape of your feet and feel more comfortable than they would if they weren’t heated beforehand.

5. Boot Stretcher Method

Furthermore, you can choose to break in your boots as you go by simply investing in a boot stretcher. As its name suggests, a boot stretcher is a device built to expand your boots by inserting it inside the boots. A boot stretcher is shaped like a foot thus; inserting it inside the boot allows you to manually and precisely adjust the fit of your boot.

You don’t have to wear the boots with the boot stretcher inside – after all, that would be impractical. Instead, place the boot stretcher inside your Cowboy boots overnight and remove it the next morning – you should feel comfortable wearing the boots. You can do this process for as long as you want until you feel the boots fit properly and comfortably. Different boot models and designs have varying break-in times.

If you can’t find a boot stretcher, you can opt for a boot tree as well. A boot tree works similarly to a boot stretcher however, it also helps to dehumidify the interior of your boots. Simply leave the boot trees inside the boots overnight and there should be ready to be worn the next morning.

These tools come especially handy during snowy and wet seasons. This is because their dehumidifying quality allows them to absorb moisture thus, preventing your boots from shrinking due to the cold weather. if your boots have shrunken because of the cold weather, boot trees are perfect tools for re-breaking them in again.

6. Home Hacks Method

You can also choose to break in your cowboy boots using random tools you find in your home. For example, you can use ice to break in the boots. To do so, fill up a sturdy Ziploc bag with water and place it inside each boot. Then, freeze the boots in your refrigerator overnight to allow the water to expand the leather as it freezes. This method is a cost-effective alternative to a boot stretcher.

Alternatively, you can use a spoon. This method involves rubbing the back of the spoon underneath the heel. This mechanism stimulates friction similar to that created on your feet when you are walking, thus, allowing the boots to break in as if you were actually wearing them. To start notice improvements using this process, you want to do so regularly until the boots fit comfortably.

Furthermore, you can choose to use lotion to break in your cowboy boots. Simply apply the lotion in the interior of the boots, particularly the toe and heel area. Doing so makes the interior of the boots softer, thus, preventing the boots from injuring your feet.

If you don’t have lotion, don’t worry yourself too much because you can use alcohol. Yes, you read right, you can use that bottle of wine in the cooler to break in your boots!

But, don’t worry about wasting your wine on footwear as you will not use it as much anyway. Simply rub small amounts of alcohol inside your boots and let the alcohol evaporate. Once the alcohol evaporates, the leather boots will feel softer, supple, and more comfortable.

7. Traditional Method

If the methods outlined above don’t work out for you – you can opt to go for the good ‘ol traditional break-in method. All you have to do is wear the boots inside the house. When you first purchase the cowboy boots, wear them inside the house periodically before you transition them outdoors for longer periods.

For most boot styles, following this process for at least a week is enough to break them in. Wear the boots for at least 2 to 3 hours every day to accustom your feet to the feel of the leather. During this process, wear socks underneath your boots to protect your feet from blisters and odors.

This traditional method is not the fastest; however, it comes with its perks. First, the method doesn’t involve any additional tools; making it quite affordable. Additionally, the elimination of tools means that you are not going to add any elements to your boots and risk damaging them.

Final Advice

With the 7 best methods of how to break in cowboy boots fast, you can’t go wrong. With each method, you are guaranteed success – it’s the execution and duration that vary. Depending on the method you go for, you can take anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks to break in your cowboy boots – the choice is all yours! After all, nobody wants to wear ill-fitting and uncomfortable boots.

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