How to Clean Leather Work Boots | 6 Proven Tips

Leatherwork boot is usually a good sturdy pair of boot that is very comfortable to wear. It is a kind of boot that is used regularly for day to day work. So, it is to be very comfortable. Taking great care of a leather work boot is very important. Good care can make it last longer. Proper cleanliness in a leather work boot is essential. Now we will be going to learn how to clean leather work boots.

how to clean leather work boots

Instruction on How to Clean Leather Work Boots

A leather boot is a critical work to clean when cleaning isn’t done in the right way. The best way to clean leather work boots is to let them always clean. But it is nearly impossible to prevent a boot ever getting dirty. After each using, it will get dirty. And to clean dirt, there are some techniques to follow. They are-

  • To use a protective water-repellent coating on the boot before wearing it.
  • Getting the laces out of the boot to spread the boot properly to wash.
  • To use a brush on the boot to make the loose dirt fall out.
  • To use a damp cloth with soap to wipe out all dirt from it.
  • To dry the boot when the stains remove appropriately

Things that are Needed to Clean in Leather Work Boots

Taking great care of your leather work boot is very important. It is suggested to clean the work boots every week. That’s how no dirt or stain becomes permanent on boot. Though there are a plethora of solutions to clean the leather work boots in them, some are very effective.

Things that should be kept in mind that, using any sort of chemical might fade the color of the leather boot. Rather, a cleaner can use-

  • Hair Conditioner to clean the leather boot.
  • To use talcum powder to clean the grease on the work boots
  • Baking soda is a proving wonder to remove stains on the boot
  • To get rid of the scuff marks, toothpaste is a good solution
  • Vaseline also works well on stain and scuff marks
  • However, to bring shine and bleaching effect, olive oil, Tartar oil, and Lemon juice are effective.
  • Saddle soap is the most used product on leather.

Method of Cleaning Outside of the Leather Work Boot

To begin the process of cleaning a leather work boot starts with cleaning the outside of the boot. To have a normal cleaning, a soft damp brush or wet cloth can wipe out all loose dirt from the boot. A toothbrush can also use here.

On the other hand, when the boot is extremely dirty, the procedure of cleaning will be a little hard. In this case, firstly, grime off all loose dirt with a liquid cleaner spray. Then use saddle soap with a soft brush to clean up the dirt. It should be done in a circular motion.

After cleaning, wipe away the leather boot with clean soft cloth or brush and dry it out. After drying if there is any need to condition the boot, one can do it then.

1. Giving a Normal Wash on the Work Boot

Once every week, giving a normal wash in the leather work boot is very important. It will make the boot clean always. Great care to a leather boot can make it last longer. So, to clean a leather boot, one must wipe away all loose dirt, mud from the boot.

Later, to clean thoroughly, take a wet cloth or soft brush and wipe the whole boot. If there is any stain or dirt, use a solution according to the problem. Moreover, drying a leather work boot after the wash is a must.

2. Removing Dark Spots From the Boot

Before removing dark spots from the boot, to remove laces from the boot is important. So that the boot can spread well, later grime off all dirt.

To remove the dark spots, a dishwasher can be used. In this case, in a damped soft cloth, apply some dishwashing soap and clean the whole boot thoroughly until the spot removes. Lastly, wipe away the soap and dry the whole boot. If conditioning is needed, one can condition it afterward.

3. Cleaning Grease and Oil Stains From the Boot

Grease and oil stain is something that cannot be cleaned easily. There lie some techniques. By using talcum powder or cornstarch, oil stain can be removed. After blotting the stain with a soft cloth, covers the stain overnight with talcum powder or other absorbent powder. It will eradicate all stain perfectly.

4. Cleaning Salt Stains From the Boot

To get rid of the salt stain off of the leather boot there is a simple procedure. Mix two-part water with one part vinegar and dab it with a damp cloth in the spot and gently rub it. It may require multiple tries on the boot. But generally, it is effective to remove stains. Later, let the boot dry properly.

5. Cleaning Other Stains From the Boot

There are many solutions to remove stain from the boot. Usually, it depends on the nature of a stain. But for general stain, a mild wash with hair conditioner with a soft cloth is enough. Moderate scrubbing with a soft brush generally wipes out stain.

6. Using Leather Stains Remover

Leather stain remover generally uses for dark and deep persistent stain. In this case, firstly give a normal clean to the leather boots so that loose dirt can grime off. Later, use the lather stain remover in a soft wet cloth and wipe it on the spot. Never apply lather stains remover directly on the spot.

How to Clean Scuffed Boot

To clean scuff off of the boot, at first one should know well about the material of the leather in a boot. Sometimes, a specific cleaning solution can be a disaster for a boot.

Toothpaste can remove scuff from the boot very easily. Dab some toothpaste in a toothbrush and scrub it in the scuffed mark. In the meantime, apply a little water to have a good scrubbing. Later, rinse the toothpaste off and dry the boot properly. One can also use nail polish remover to remove scuffed marks.

Cleaning Inside of the Boot

Besides outside, cleaning the inside of the leather boot is also very important. If dirt accumulates inside, it might create odor.

Mixing a mild detergent with water, the inside of the boot can be cleaned. Soaking a brush into the solution and scrubbing it until it gets a cleaning. After the cleaning is done, wipe out the foams and dry the boot. If the sole of the boot becomes dirty, then remove the insole and let them clean separately.

To Condition the Boot

Before conditioning the boot, to clean the boot with a dry rag is important. It will wipe away all dirt, particles from it. Then select a brush and the conditioner that is going to be used. A Conditioner should be selected based on the color of a boot. Later with the applicator brush, apply it on the boot.

Final Word

So, at last, we can sum up by saying that a little caution will give the leather boot much durability. And it will be comfortable footwear for a long time. Applying the methods of cleanliness perfectly will be a benefit in the long run. We think this article may be helpful for you when the question arises in your mind, how to clean leather work boot.

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