How to Dry Work Boots Fast

Many of us need to wear work boots for long hours. Wearing a wet boot is uncomfortable and irritating. Also, wearing a wet boot for long hours can cause blisters and sores in your feet. So, cleaning and drying your boot before work is very important.

So, how to dry work boots? This article will teach you many ways to dry your work boots faster.

how to dry work boots

Before Drying Your Work Boots

If your wet work boots have mud or dirt on them, after drying the boots won’t look so good. Also, it will give your irritation. So, make sure your wet work boot is clean before starting the drying process.

Ways to Dry Your Work Boots

Some ideas can dry your wet work boot quickly without doing any damage. But you have to be careful sometimes when you try to dry your work boot quickly. Here below, we discuss some ideas which may help you to dry your work boot.

1. Dry Work Boots With a Fan

You’ll need a portable fan for this method. This is one of the easiest and the most effective ways to dry your work boot. First, pull out the laces and insoles inside of your work boots. You need to keep the boots and the portable fan face to face with each other and make sure the boots get maximum flow of air from the fan. For that purpose, the fan and boots should be at the same height.

You need to hang your boot using a hanger or a wire. You can use an old wire by twisting it to the shape of ‘S’. This shape will be able to work as a hook to hold the boots. Put a towel on the floor just below the hanging boots. The towel will absorb the droplets of water falling from the boots. You may have to keep the fan rotating the whole night.

So, do these steps before going to bed at night. Keep the switch on for the whole night. In the morning, you’ll have a pair of dry work boots.

2. Using the Sunlight

This method is pretty straightforward. Just pull out all the laces and insoles, and keep the boot out in the sun. This method won’t take too much of your effort. You probably get your dry boots after 5-6 hours later.

Well, the disadvantage is not getting enough sunlight every day if you may need it. You can’t depend on sunlight to dry your work boots all the time. You can surely check the weather update and plan on approximate time to dry your shoes. But, not all places in the world have an abundance of sunlight most of the days in a year.

I can add a bonus tip to make the process faster. You can use a mirror to focus the sunlight onto the boots. It will increase the sunlight in each portion of the boots. It surely speeds up the process. But if you are not careful, it can burn your boots.

So, if you do this to save time, make sure not to focus the light on one point of the boots. And, if possible, wait a few moments to check how fast the boots are getting dried.

3. Dry Work Boots With Newspapers

Stashing newspapers into the boots works well. You can use any kind of paper. We are mentioning used newspapers as a cheap option for you. Find a bunch of used newspapers. Squeeze them inside your fist to make a ball. Make as many of these paper-balls you can. Now, put these balls inside of boots. Fill up all the inside of the boots with these balls.

A newspaper can easily absorb the moisture of your boots. Wait an hour, and those balls will be swelled with moisture. Take those newspapers out of the boots and put new newspaper-balls into the boots. Repeat this process until your boot is dry. Some may find this process a bit tedious.

However, using a newspaper is an easy alternative to dry your work boots.

4. Use Towels

Towels can easily absorb the moisture in your work boots. Find a dry towel. Tuck the towel around your work boots. Make sure the laces and insoles are already taken out. Wait a few hours and tuck a new towel around the boots. Repeat the process a few times, and your work boot won’t be dry anymore.

5. Use Rice

People often use rice to absorb the moisture of their cellphones if the cellphone is somehow dropped in the water. We can use rice in the same way to dry work boots. Take out the laces and insoles of the boots. Fill up your boots with rice at night. You’ll have a dry pair of boots the next morning.

Also, the bucket of rice would be more effective. Take a bowl or a bucket, which is bigger than your boots. Fill it up with rice. Take out the laces and insoles of your work boots. Put the boots inside the bucket of rice. The rice will absorb the moisture in a few hours. It’s better if you wait for the whole night.

6. Invest in a Boot Dryer

Buying a boot dryer is the most effective method of drying work boots. It saves a lot of time. Also, if there is no sun out, you don’t have to wait for the sun to show up. You don’t have to find any used newspapers or rice bucket. You don’t have to make a hook with a wire to hang your boot.

Buying a boot dryer is a really good investment in taking care of your boots. Its low temperature won’t ever do any damage to your boots. If you have many pairs of work boots, you definitely should consider buying a boot dryer.

Boot dryer comes in all sizes you may need. There are portable and stationary boot dryers. These dryers can run on electricity or gas. Do some searching on the internet, choose what suits your buying range.

Using a boot dryer is not the most effective but also the most reliable way to dry your work boots.

Some Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Drying Your Work Boots

Sometimes try to dry boots quickly without knowing the malefactor can damage your boots. Here some things you should avoid before drying your work boots.

1. Don’t Put Your Boots Close to a Heat Source

Sometimes people lose patience to wait a whole night or 5/6 hours to dry work boots. They may thing using a heat source like wood stoves and heaters will surely dry works boots faster. But it can burn and damage the fabric of the boots. So, avoid trying to dry your boots with a heat source of high temperature.

2. Avoid Narrow Area to Dry Your Boots

The narrow area doesn’t let air flow freely. Also, water vapor in the air will get saturated faster and eventually slow the drying process.

Final Word

When you tensed about your wet boots, don’t worry there must be easy and simple ways. You can follow any of these tips. You can experiment with each of the tips to find out which work boots is comfortable and better for you. Take care of your boots, and have a nice experience.

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