How to Get Rid of Work Boot Odor

Work boots are essential for keeping your feet safe. It also keep your feet comfortable while at work. People who use work boots, almost all of them have faced the same following scenario. You return home after working for hours. Then, you take your boots off and suddenly notice a stomach-churning, annoying smell spreads the whole room in a few seconds.

The smell is unbearable to avoid. And you are too tired to clean the boots. Ring any bell! In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of work boot odor and also give you more tips to have a comfortable work boot experience.

how to get rid of work boot odor

The Reason Behind the Odor of Your Work Boots

Sweat is the main reason behind your stinky boots. Also, a more suitable answer would be bacteria. Your feet have approximately 2,50,000 glans, which regularly produces sweat. The warm confinement of your boots absorbs the sweat and makes it easy for bacteria and fungi to grow. These bacteria and fungi continue to grow more in a humid environment.

The more you sweat, the more they grow, and eventually, you get stinky work boots. Another rare reason is an infection in your foot. In that case, you should consult a doctor. So, how you’re going to deal with ‘Sweat’ the villain behind your stinky boots? Don’t worry about sweat, I’ve got you covered.

Ways to Getting Rid of Work Boot Odor

When you use work boots, you need to know how to remove odor from work boots. There are many ways to do this. Here below, we will discuss these ways, which may help you. They are-

1. Choose the Right Work Boot

You should choose a work boot that lets air circulate freely through them. Your feet will remain fresh in the free flow of air and will produce less sweat. Also, the free flow of air evaporates the remaining sweat inside your boot and keeps your boot moisture-free.

It might be better if you can avoid insulated boots. People tend to sweat more wearing insulated boots. But they are necessary if you have work in a wet circumstance like mud, wet snow.

Consider buying boots for sweaty feet that are made of natural materials like leather. Synthetic materials usually let less flow of air inside the boot, which eventually causes odor.

Check for antimicrobial linings as these linings kill those bacterial which are responsible for odor. Also, check for the breathable and moisture-free lining, which allows the free circulation of air.

Keep these things in mind before buying your next work boot.

2. Keep Your Feet Clean

The smell of dirty feet is going to turn your nose the same as the smell of your stinky boots. Dirty feet tend to sweat more.

So, at first, make sure your feet are clean before slipping inside the boot. Use mild soap and warm water to wash your feet. Also, use rubbing alcohol between the toes once your feet are dehydrated.

3. Keep Your Boot Dry

The damped boot is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow inside your boots. Damped or partially damped boot let accumulates moisture and keeps the inside of your boots humid. And which eventually produce stomach-turning smell.

So, dry your boots regularly. Use sunlight or invest in a good quality boot dryer to dry your work boot.

4. Use a Foot Soak

Foot soak can be a free way to clean your feet. Although mild soap, warm water, rubbing alcohol is sufficient to keep your feet clean, you can always use food soak to clean your feet more effectively.

A food soak is designed to kill bacteria, fungi, and any kind of food odor. It also will make the lowest part of your body to feel fresher and perhaps give a new sensation.

And it’s super easy to use. Just add two tablespoons into the water, then stir the water a few times and submerge your feet into the water.

5. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a handy product to remove the smell of your boots. If you only pour baking soda in your boots, it will clean your boot overnight. But Your feet may feel some irritation.

There’s some easy step to use it properly. Fill up a sock with a handful of baking soda. Then, keep the sock in your boot. It is the most effective way to clean your shoes overnight.

6. Use Kitty Litter

Kitty litter has some deodorizer properties, and it also has a smell of its own. It would kill the smell of your boots overnight if it used correctly. And it doesn’t leave its smell in your boots. You can consider using it instead of baking soda or lemonade.

7. Use Lemonade

You can make an adequate odor freeing mixture using some peeled lemons, few drops of vinegar, and a few drops of essential oil into the water. Spray the mixture inside the boots. This spray will kill the bacteria and get rid of the smell.

8. Teabags

Teabags contain tannin, which can kill the odor-producing bacteria. Next time you are having a cup of tea, store your used-up tea bags inside the stinky boot.

9. Wear Moisture-Absorbing Socks

Regular socks accumulate sweat and keep your feet moisturized. Find moisture-wicking socks made of merino wool and cotton. These socks absorb the sweat that will help you to keep your feet dry and odor free.

10. Change Your Accessory

  • Consider changing your socks and insoles every couple of months.
  • Socks usually lose their effectiveness of absorbing after three months.
  • There are some antimicrobial odor-free insoles which also have a deodorizing effect.
  • To keep your boots odor-free, carefully choose your socks and insoles.

11. Visit a Doctor if Necessary

We have to keep in mind that not all of us sweat similarly. We tend to sweat more during exercise or in hot, humid weather. Some people have a condition called hyperhidrosis, which causes the body to sweat excessively. If you think your feet sweat excessively, consider consulting a doctor.

Also, toenail fungi and infected feet can cause your boots to smell. If you have hyperhidrosis, you may want to see a Podiatrist.

12. Freezing

The freezing temperature can kill odor and bacteria from your work boots. First, you take your work boots in a plastic bag then store it into the freezer. After a while, take it out and dry it. You will see that the odor is gone.

Final Word

We think this article may help you when the question arises in your mind, how to get rid of work boot odor. You don’t have to try all the tips overnight. Take your time to experiment, which works better for your boots. Have a comfortable odor-free experience with work boots.

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