How to Measure Foot Size at Home : 9 Steps to Follow

Measure your foot size is the most important thing when it comes to selecting the right pair of shoes. Nowadays, over 70% of people wear the wrong size and poorly fitting shoes, which can risk unnecessary injury and damper their activities.

how to measure foot size

So, Knowing your exact foot size before shopping can save your time and helps you to choose the perfect pair of shoes. Otherwise, they can be too small or too big for you. Comfortable fit and good quality shoes can enhance your feet’ blood circulation and posture.

Now a question arises in your mind, how to measure foot size? It is not a difficult task. In this guide, we have shared the simple and quickest methods to help you to bring out perfect-fitting shoes. Keep reading our step-by-step guide.

Things that are needed to measure your foot size

  • paper or clipboard
  • A chair
  • A pencil or a pen
  • A tape measure or ruler
  • Regular shocks
  • A Brannock device (optional)

Before starting these things, keep in mind

  • Always measure your feet on the floor.
  • Must wear your regular socks before measuring.
  • Always try to measure in centimeters or inches for better results.
  • Late afternoon is the best time to measure.

How to measure foot size at home

The Brannock device is one of the standard foot measuring devices invented by Charles F. Brannock in 1927 for the footwear industry. Most shoe stores use Brannock devices for calculating foot size. But this device is unable to measure up to the length of 24 inches.

Our feet are three-dimensional. So to get the perfect fitting footwear, we need to measure our foot length, arch length, and foot width. Using our home instruments, we will calculate the foot length, arch length, and width.

Still, many shoe brands in our market do not provide their shoe size chart, so I suggest you measure your exact foot size before shopping is important.


First, putting the socks you want to wear with the shoes is essential. Place a piece of paper more extensive than your feet on the hard floor and avoid doing it on an uneven surface to get the most accurate result. Place your right foot firmly on the paper so that your body weight spreads evenly on your right foot.


Slightly bend your knees and trace your foot outline with a pen or pencil at a 90-degree angle. You can also ask someone to help with this step for better accuracy.


Then draw a straight line on each side of your feet with a pencil that will touch the outline. Follow the same process on a new paper for measuring the left foot. The results for the right and left foot can have slightly different.


In this step, use a tape measure or ruler to measure the distance vertically between the tip of the big toe and the outmost part of the heel. It’s the result of your foot length. Repeat the process for another foot.


If the bump of the joint of your big toe and shoe flexing point do not match, then it will be uncomfortable for you. For better accuracy, you must do this step. We can find arch length easily by measuring the distance between the heel and your feet’ ballpoint.


It’s the most important part, so try to do it perfectly. Using a tape or ruler, measure the distance end to end across the ballpoint of your feet to find your feet’ width.


You will need a Brannock device to measure this length. Place feet on a Brannock device and measure the distance between the ballpoint and the outermost part of the heel. By following the same process measure your other feet’ arch length.


Write down the more significant number of your foot length, arch length, and width; this measured result will assist you in discovering the perfect footwear for your job.


In this step, subtract 0.19 inches from each result because this is a small space line that was created by your pencil.

Shoe Size Chart For USA & UK

Length (cm)US Men SizeUS Women SizeUK Size

Final Words:

After reading this guide, we think you will learn “how to measure foot size at home” well. So we can say that, by applying the method of measuring, you will get a good result of your feet’s length and width. This measure will help you buy a perfectly comfortable pair and increase your work efficiency.

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