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A warehouse picker is also known as a picker packer. Wearhouse pickers mainly collect all the incoming items and store them on the racks.

what does a warehouse picker do

Regarding shipping, they pull the order items, check orders, pack, level, boxes, and transport items on the container.

Also, they must keep a record of all incoming and outgoing items and need to know the location of the incoming items using technology.

It is a very responsive and quite challenging profession. Because most of the time, you may have to lift heavy objects that are hard if you don’t know the proper lifting technique.

Sometimes the incoming item can be damaged suppliers should replace that.

What does a warehouse picker do?

Warehouse picker’s daily duties and responsibilities, which mentioned below:

  • Must wear the proper safety gear and follow the workplace safety regulations
  • Maintained workplace clean and organized
  • Receive incoming orders and unload them from the container
  • Hold them in the warehouse rack or shelves according to their job procedure
  • Essential to know the incoming item’s location by using technology
  • Find out the damaged items and request to change the suppliers
  • Sometimes dragging order items from racks and preparing them for shipping
  • Wrapping the shipping items and placing them into boxes carefully
  • Transporting the shipping items to the shipping container
  • Always keep the incoming and outgoing order report
  • As a warehouse selector, you should do these tasks using many equipment types ( such as Forklift, Dolly Loader, Pallet Wrapper, Pallet jack, etc.)
  • Consistently updating the warehouse, storing items
  • Check the shipping items and sealing boxes
  • When it’s ready for shipping, confirm the signing of shipping papers 
  • Everything should be informed to the higher management

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Warehouse job requirement

Most warehouse jobs have these requirements-

  • High school diploma
  • Age minimum of 18 years
  • Well-experienced in database
  • Must be prepared to work an extended time
  • Expert in operating the forklift and must have a certificate
  • Must be able to lift heavy items
  • Good management and communication skills
  • Must be able to work fast

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